Most Popular Crystals 🔮 Top 5

As a sort of fun little research topic :closed_book: I wanted to gather the top 5 most popular crystals by the amount they are searched - and then learn more about their physical and spiritual properties. Now, Fossilera does make it known that these crystals could be popular for many reasons - healing, collectors, jewelry makers, etc.

The popularity of these crystals was categorized by Fossilera and are as follows.

1. Amethyst


Not at all surprising, amethyst makes the list as number one. Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz and actually owes this coloration to natural irradiation and iron impurities. Amethyst used to be considered on par with diamonds :ring: in their value but is now recognized as a semi-precious stone. (source)

:beer: The ancient Greeks would wear amethyst or carve their goblets out of amethyst because they believed that it would protect them from intoxication while drinking. This is where the name amethyst comes from - amethystos - meaning “not intoxicated” (source)

:heartpulse: Amethyst is the birthstone of the month of February.

:latin_cross: Amethyst is mentioned in the Bible (Exodus 28:19;39:12) as one of the 12 stones that decorated the breastplate of the high priests of Yahweh (source).

Spiritual Uses

Amethyst is thought to be a protective stone and is connected to the crown :crown: chakra. It is helpful in purifying the mind and clearing away any negativity that resides there. This negativity can include stress, anxiety, and depression. Amethyst is also associated with abundance, so many people will carry amethyst or place it around them at work to bring in abundance but also clear away work-related stress. (source)

Amethyst Meditation

Amethyst is considered a stone of friendship because it helps calm negative emotions and fosters creativity and harmony in any conversation. It is also used in meditation to find inner wisdom, favoring self-analysis and introspection (source).

Find an amethyst meditation and free printable right here on Spells8!

2. Azurite


Up next is one that I don’t hear about too often - probably because I’m not too well-versed in crystals. Anyway, azurite is known for it’s deep blue, sometimes purple, color. It is a copper-based mineral that usually forms when carbon dioxide filled waters descend into the Earth and react with the subsurface copper ore. This effect causes azurite to form in crevices and cracks in the Earth. (source)

:cloud: Azurite is a soft mineral, measuring in at only 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale (source)

:blue_heart: Azurite is one of two basic copper carbonate minerals - the other being malachite (source)

:paintbrush: The softness and color of azurite made it an ideal candidate for pigments (source)

Spiritual Uses

Azurite is said to boost intuition and spiritual wisdom, helping you overcome issues the stem from a lack of concentration. It is said to enhance creativity :brain: release your inner wisdom, and activate the third eye chakra. Keep azurite in an area that creativity needs to flow, like an art studio or even your desk as it can aid in your studies! :bookmark_tabs: (source)


Set the mood for healing and help bring about a powerful transformation by placing Azurite on a white cloth with a lit candle :candle: next to it. Gaze at the stone for a few moments to help still the mind with peaceful contemplation. Focus on the gemstone for as long as you can without looking away and notice how the experience makes you feel :star_struck: After this healing session, feel the empowering feeling of your energy centers being infused with spiritual wisdom, a powerful ally on your sacred journey. (source)

3. Celestite/Celestine


Yet again, another crystal I’m not familiar with. Celestite is a strontium-based mineral that normally has a sky-blue coloration. The most common place to find celestite is within geodes - making this a fun and exciting crystal to find (source).

:mountain_snow: The world’s largest known geode is a celestine geode that measures 35ft at its widest diameter near the village of Put-In-Bay, OH (source)

:cloud: Celestine is softer than azurite, measuring at 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale (source)

:star2: The word Celestine derives its name from the Latin word caelestis - meaning celestial (source)

Spiritual Uses

Celestite is know as the cosmic lullaby :musical_note: because of its natural calming and relaxing vibration. Celestite is a symbol of peace :peace_symbol: because it allows us to connect to our higher self and the Divine, making room for us to let go of the things that no longer serve us. It also allows us to recognize the truth around us, helping us to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner :dove:. (source)


Access the healing vibrations of Celestite by placing the stone on your third eye chakra before you go to sleep. Meditate with the crystal and let it connect you to the spiritual realm for a clear vision that helps you remember your dreams :sleeping: in vivid detail. Warm-up a dampened spirit and find true happiness when you converse with the other side in your dreams. When you sleep and meditate with Celestite, you encourage sweet dreams that bring you closer to your divine purpose. (source)

4. Citrine


Citrine is a stone I’m familiar with! Citrine is formed from quartz as it slowly heats in the Earth. The color ranges from a pale yellow to brown due to ferric impurities. Natural citrine is very rare and most commercial citrines are actually heat-treated amethyst (source) (source).

:brick: Since Citrine is a form of quartz, it registers in on the Mohs scale at a 7 -which is fairly hard! (source)

:stars: Real Citrine is a rare find with most of the Citrine being mined in Brazil. (source)

:partying_face: Cut citrine can be hard to tell apart from yellow topaz. It takes a trained eye :eye: (source)

Spiritual Meaning

Citrine is often seen as a crystal that brings about light, joy, and happiness. It has also been called The Merchant Stone :moneybag: or The Success Stone due to an old superstition that it would bring the wearer prosperity! Citrine is also a good stone for boosting your own joy and optimism. Since it is a formulation of quartz, it resonates well with the vibrations and meanings of other crystals, often amplifying their effects (source).


Citrine meditation is excellent when you are having difficulty concentrating, struggling with low-self esteem, or when you’re feeling heavy and overwhelmed by worry and responsibilities. This exercise will help you to breathe freely, feel balanced, and improve your self-confidence. Find it here by The Hood Witch!

5. Fluorite


Fluorite is also known as Fluorspar and is a collectible halide mineral made of calcium and fluorine. It commonly occurs in cubic shape in many different colors. The most popular of these include green and purple. Many pieces of fluorite contain a property known as fluorescence, meaning that they can glow a different color depending on the bandwidth of the UV light it is exposed to. (source)

:rainbow: Pure fluorite is transparent! It is the difference in mineral composition and impurities that give it a color (source)

:dash: The name Fluorite derives from the Latin word fluere - meaning to flow. This is because fluorite is used as a flux is smelting! (source)

:cloud: Fluorite is another soft mineral coming in at a 4 on the Mohs scale (source)

Spiritual Meaning

Fluorite is heavily associated with the ideas of peace, bliss, and calming. An excellent stone for students, fluorite works to boost a general feeling of peace in whatever room it is placed in. This stone is also balancing :deciduous_tree: and grounding because without those concepts, we could not have the bliss and calm that we are searching for. It is also associated with cleansing and healing, a great stone to have around for pretty much anyone! (source)


According to Reiki Gem Wellness, Fluorite is the stone of order & learning. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and is even more healing and supportive to those of astrology zodiac signs: Pisces & Capricorn.

You can find their Fluorite guided meditation here!


I hope you learned something new today - I sure did! I want to point out that it is interesting to me that the most searched for crystals all have something to do with emotional wellness. Maybe it’s a sign of the times - maybe I’m just a cynic!


As a general reminder, I’d like to encourage everyone to make note of these crystals, but also make note of their safety properties as well.

Here is a great website that details how and when you can and cannot use some crystals. For example, it makes known that you should NEVER put Azurite in water because it will give off sulfur and is made of copper.


I didn’t know that! Now I have one more reason to like it!

It even comes in many different colors, including Rainbow Fluorite: :heart_eyes:

rainbow fluorite


Thank you for sharing, kind of shocked Amber wasn’t on the top 10. My favorite is Labradorite, for its clarity in using spirtual site.,


This is a helpful collection and guide to crystals, @MeganB! Thank you so much for sharing all of your wisdom! :gem::sparkles:

Ahhhh I love Amber too! Maybe it didn’t qualify since it is technically tree sap :evergreen_tree: ? Although to be honest I consider it part of the ‘stone/crystal’ category! :laughing:

I recently found out that amber washes up on the beaches here in Poland- coming from sunken trees in the Baltic Sea! I’m thinking about a potential trip in the Fall to the shore to see if I can find any- it would be quite the treasure! :orange_heart::sparkles:

Amber is a big part of Polish culture- there are many museums and crafters of Amber here! I love the warmth of the golden-orange pieces, it’s like a captured piece of sunlight :sun_with_face:


Another beautiful stone- I just ordered a new piece of Labradorite! I love how it looks like the aurora borealis is caught in each piece- the shiny colors are mesmerizing! :sparkling_heart:


It could be as @BryWisteria said - amber is technically tree sap. However, the website that listed the top 10 did make sure to say that these are the most searched for any reason. This can include spiritual properties, physical properties, jewelry making, etc.

You’re welcome! I enjoy learning - and then I also enjoy sharing that learning with others!