Must be going around

I’ve been absent from here for while. In all honesty, from my craft in general.
I think it’s safe to say that when any of us are going though times like this, its easy for us to feel like we aren’t who we thought we were. That we aren’t a “witch” or the like because we are not actively doing something, our daily ritual, or mundane routine.

As an adult with self-diagnosed ADHD(yes I should actually get seen, I know), a routine in any aspect of my life is met with frustration and seemingly… met with defiance. I struggle with finding joy in the mundane and it’s not that I expect every part of my life to be a thrill and hold some sort of excitement, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish that it did.

I was an exotic dancer from 18-26, I’m 30 now. Sex(not literally), drugs and rock and roll were the name of the game for my bestie and I. I still struggle with addiction in all forms. My relationships, substances, adventures, hobbies…

I’m not quite sure what my reasoning for posting this was but I just wanted to share some thoughts on my mind and tell anyone else who is feeling the blues mid summer, that it’s okay to feel however you are. One thing about our Coven is our ability to lift each other up and that is something no one can ever take from us. We have all been truly blessed.

I have love for every single one of you even if we have never met, and that is the beautiful part of being who we are. <3


I know finding joy can surely be a struggle, nevertheless it something you surely need in your life. Don’t you ever be hard on yourself @janelle I do believe better things will surely come especially if you truly believe so :blush:.

This is so true about the coven and its good you can express your feelings through this post. We are here indeed for each other and that’s surely a good thing.

I do hope these few words encourage and shed some love for you in this time! But in the mean time continue to be the beautiful soul that you are so full of light…

Blessed Be💫
N :candle:ckW​:candle:ck


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and this warm message, Janelle. It’s always great to hear from you and I’m glad you’re doing well despite the summer blues :heart:

You make a really great point that it’s okay to step back from your craft. It doesn’t make you any less “witchy” or any less “valid” in the community- take as much time as you need until you feel ready to jump back into things. The Infinite Roots Coven will be here to welcome you back with open arms anytime you feel a desire to pop in and say hello :hugs:

Lots of love back to you, Janelle! Blessed be! :two_hearts:


@janelle just to let you know that we do care, that your words won’t be blown away. That you as a person are important to us and in this life.


We have more in common now!!! :sweat_smile: Your words are your feelings and they will always matter to me!!! :heartpulse::rose:


You’re not alone Janelle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have been having terrible issues lately with memory, focus, attention, and just a general overwhelm of basically everything. I’ve got a few mental health disorders that don’t usually affect me this much but I think something else is going on. It’s definitely hard for me to stick to a routine, too. Which is funny, actually, because I’m the type of person that tends to have the same drink every morning, the same lunch every day, etc. If I don’t, everything just feels off.

Anyway, all this to say that you’re not alone and you’re bravery is seen here by sharing deeper parts of yourself that aren’t always so kind. Thank you for also validating the rest of us and letting us know that we, also, are not alone :revolving_hearts:


You’re very brave about talking about your past. Thank you for your kind words. I too worry about not finding joy in everything I do. But there can be beauty in the most everyday thing, it’s just hard to find sometimes. Hope you feel better soon!


You’re not alone, mine comes in waves & sometimes I just can’t find the silver lining in mundane. I also have a hard time with routine but certain things stay the same. Coffee for 1 :coffee: :joy:

Whatever you do, take care of you first. Take all the time you need to & we will be here when you’re ready. Thank you :blush::heartbeat:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I hear you, we all have our skeletons and inner past,emotions. Our experiences good, and the bad helped shaped who we are- who we became.

I know that being part of this amazing coven has brought me to closer to me, finding out who i am. Being Wiccan, has definitely made me stronger, mentally and emotionally. Im forever grateful to Spells8 and Wicca. I have never felt so grounded. Witchcraft and spell work has kept me sane lol. Even if i go some days that i dont do any spell work. I know i can count on my new belief system, to keep me grounded and to tell the universe all my problems- it is such great spiritual companionship to have. I feel safe and never alone.
Love and light your way- may your light never extinguish.

Blessed be.


@janelle Wow, you speak of my truth right now. I’ve been absent from here and from my craft recently as well. And yes I have those same thoughts and feelings of not being an adequate witch or one at all when this happens. I’ve had bumps in the road before, but this time against all my best Intentions I fall flat.
We all are here for each other, that’s a fact. It is an amazing feeling knowing that and feeling it.
You are not alone, and I believe we will reconnect with our craft and coven, that ignites a feeling of excitement for a great reset I feel.
Blessed Be,


@NickWick Thank you so much for your comments. I’ve been consumed with work lately but finally found time the other night to bust out my beading materials and have started working on a Suncatcher! Joy in progress lol. And thanks to you also! @TheTravelWitch

@pedros10 I appreciate your kind words, thank you. @Siofra @walter

@christina4 Oh yeah? Let’s talk more and dive into our commonalities! :slight_smile:

@Amethyst I don’t know if I would call it bravery… it’s honestly easy to share the darker parts of my life and to speak on them but thank you. And you’re welcome! I think we all need to be validated once in awhile, to know that even if what we are doing isn’t known to anyone else but us, it still means absolutely everything. @MeganB

I love that term you use. Falling flat I have(in my best Yoda voice). It has been exceptionally difficult to find even a second to myself or an ounce of oomph to muster anything in my craft. I’ve been trying to heal, grow, and move forward in so many area’s of my life that my head spins. It makes me feel like I’m the only one in my household who is actively trying to better myself little by little and I’m drowning in the wake of my thoughts that are enlightening me, “Ohhhh, I think I understand…” way. My husband was and still is my blessing in disguise and even though I feel like he really can do no wrong at the end of the day, he has little things here and there to attend to and work on. Build up his back bone lol. As for our daughter who will be 10 in Sept… I think I finally opened his eye’s into seeing that she has pretty much up until this point, had no real discipline or concrete consequences. Instead, she is rewarded in various ways because he is trying to live the childhood he didn’t have through her by either involving her, giving her, etc. things he never had. If you can’t tell, he is the go-to for comfort and fun and I’m the fun-sucking disciplinary Mom. BUT we have actually made parenting progress! While implementing a new system in which we stand our ground and she understands that life isn’t some game in her world that we are all living in.
Sorry that was so long winded… I just really got lost in my thoughts as I was typing and well, there you all go. :grin:


Welcome! Im happy you found your ground again.
Love, light and blessings to all your endeavors.
Bkeesed be


I completely get it, I’ve always been the child wrangler in my house too…hubby just basically backs up if ever was needed… :laughing:.
I’m trying to adopt the knowledge of being patient with myself when it comes to expectations I throw at me, which is hard because patient I am not (Yoda voice :rofl:). I agree i feel as though I am processing or working through some things myself… Onward and Upward!
Hang tough Momma!