MUST MOVE - No Housing

Howdy All! I’m new here on this site (about 2 months) and absolutely love what your all provide one another and I’m grateful to be apart of.
I need your help. My landlord just hit me with kicking us out (me and my 13 yr old) because she wants to sell (the market is outrageous) or get about $400 more per month for the house I rent. I’m devastated. Moving here grounded me, this house and my family… click. We went through many years of unstableness before finally finding this place. We’ve been here 2.5 yrs. There are no rentals around here. About a year waiting list.

Does anyone know any spells to help find housing - ones i can maybe afford, and I guess somehow magically get to the top of these yr long waiting lists. I love my job and hope to not have to move too far. My daughter is good to switch schools but I only have till January 1st!

Thankful and grateful for any guidance. I searched for spells but nothing this specific.
Treasure Coast Jackie



I am so sorry to hear about your housing troubles- that is really unfair of your landlord to try to kick you and your family out like that. I’m afraid I don’t know much about housing legalities, but I wonder if that is even legal? As a mundane suggestion, you could try to find a local housing rights group to see if you can find support that way.

As for magickal suggestions, I can come up with a few ways you might approach it.

House Manifestation Spell
This house manifestation spell was shared by Francisco for obtaining a new house that you can afford :house:
Spell for House Here

Road Opener Spell
Road Opener Spells are great for removing obstacles in your path (even those that you may not be aware of yet) to clear the road towards your goal- in this case, getting a new home :house_with_garden:

Money Spells
Whether it is the difference in money for your current residence or money to find new housing you can afford, Money Spells are always good to consider for housing issues. Just remember to clearly set your intentions- or you might end up with extra funds from overtime at work! :money_with_wings:

Home Deity: Hestia
Hestia (also called Vesta) is a deity of the hearth and home. You may consider working with Her to help you secure a new safe and happy place of dwelling.

Wishing you all the best of luck, Jackie! I hope you can find a safe and lovely home for you and your loved ones. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thanks so much! Unfortunately I started going month to month last year never thinking she would do this to me. During Covid I paid a month ahead just in case I lost my job… We exchange Christmas gifts I can’t even fathom her stooping to this level. Although it is $400 more a month so I guess business is business it just couldn’t happen at a worse time but thank you so much for your support and I will attend all of these suggestions!!


It looks like @TheTravelWitch_Bry has you hooked up on spells. I’m so sorry this is happening. You might ask to be part of the Energy Exchange. In the meantime, I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


@TheTravelWitch_Bry & @Amethyst have given you some great options & ideas. The housing market in all facets is outrageous right now. I have my oldest son living with me because there is no housing in our area either that isn’t skyrocketing. I’m sorry that it came down to business with your landlord that you had a connection with through your time there.

I will send you positive energy toward the outcome of the situation. :fire:


I think the others have you covered with spell work but I’m almost positive you have to be given 3: consecutive eviction notices. 1 every 30 days


I’m sending you strength through these tough times of yours.



Ouch, that’s horrible to hear. Sort of in line with what Phoenix says and to be fair to landlord (sorry but true), things must be in writing and not just word of mouth. I’d check local city ordinances regarding renter/landlord interactions. It’s probably written exactly somewhere. Most city have their ordinance all online now so it’s easy to check.


Very good. Second.

Read somewhere in the state of Florida

Remember: In Florida, your landlord is never allowed to evict you without a court order. If your landlord tells you to leave your home before a judge orders you to, you do not have to move out.”

Ultimately, at the end, the LL can have you leave, but with a judge’s order. So let her take you to court, and have the judge tell you you have to leave. Housing court is very different. (Edit, this will buy you time too, court can move slow, especially after the COVID lift. Again, you will most likely have to move, but go through court, you buy yourself time, don’t have to play to her beat, and don’t pay the $400 increase.)


I don’t want an eviction on my record. Nit sure if a judge telling me is the same as eviction in your advise. After the first year and 3 used washing machines later I told her I’d stay but wanted a new washer. I got another used washing machine- so far the best in the bunch. So she suggested we go month to month, which I was fine with at that time. I didn’t see this coming.

We were kindred spirits From NJ, we exchanged Xmas gifts, I paid 1 month ahead during Covid in case I lost my job I’d have had a buffer. Because there was no lease- a housing lawyer told me it’s legit. She only has to give me 15 days. I have about 15 aide places to contact between vero and sebastian. But as many of you know it’s close to impossible to get into a palace…. Whether I purchase or rent :grimacing:


Pray to Hestia. She is Maiden of the hearth and presides over homes.

Make her an offering such as water and incense. Perform one of the spells suggested above, or burn a bay leaf. Burn a white candle on your altar along with the offerings and say a prayer for your wellbeing, safety and comfort.

Continue with the offerings while you look for housing. When you’ve found a place, give thanks to Hestia with another big offering.

All the best in your search! :hugs: :raised_hands:


I’m not sure if that’s the same either in Florida, eviction and order to leave and if it shows up on your database. I’m in NY, housing court situations do not show up on credit reports nor do eviction orders (really have to go to housing court physically, dig through their database, and dig for it, and all there really is a case number and the nature of the case, that’s it). So sorry you’re going through this. In addition to performing these home blessing spells provided, also could recommend performing a justice spell (just throwing that out there) there is one here on Spells8 includes an onion and black candle, best time last quarter waning, and on a Tuesday or Saturday and relight the candle every so often on a Tuesday or Saturday. Yeah, it’s “business” up to a certain point when dealing with people’s living situation, ESPECIALLY you’re paying your rent. Shameful. I’m really sorry you’re going through this :pensive: