My Challenge entry - The Colours Of Magic

I really had a lot of fun with this challenge :heartpulse: the symbolism and power of colour is a subject that really intrigues me, it’s not just in all of our unique practices here in this coven, but psychology, sociology, video or film production and everyday activities like going to a sports game.

I coloured in one of the Gemini pages in my new Zodiac colouring book with my new watercolour pencils (harder to use than I thought they would be but ill get there) :heartpulse: It’s my sisters birthday so I chose her favourite colour pink and a few other colours that corresponded to Gemini, I’ve put the colours I used at the bottom of the picture :grinning:

(Artist:Kelly O Gorman)
I also wanted to show some of the candles, crystals, pens/pencils, ink pads and flowers to show the rising obsession with having things in all colours that has developed over the past year lol :heartpulse:

I also learned a fun fact about my colour preferences thanks to @TheTravelWitch for the Zodiac colour chart

(From: Pinterest)
My favourite colour is red if anyone asks me or even now as I think about my favourite colour I have no doubt it’s red. But, I’m Aquarius and the colour chart above shows no red on my star sign. Now I’m not saying that your favourite colour has to be one linked to your Zodiac signs. What I found strange is that if I sit and think about the crystals I have and which ones I like the most or I’m most drawn to I would say blue, green and yellow ones…in that order :thinking: It was a fun little thing to discover about myself and how my zodiac signs can influence my preferences :heartpulse: Thank you so much for this challenge :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


Your pictures look beautiful! Really lovely work you did coloring! And wow, so quickly! Loved your other pics too, of all the flowers. Well done!


Thank you :heartpulse: Thankfully this was one of the smaller and less detailed pictures in the book :grinning: It really is therapeutic colouring in though :heartpulse:


This is so beautiful!!! Thanks for the lovely views!!! Xozo


Wonderful entry, Lisa! :green_heart: :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:

As an Aquarius sun, I think we all probably have different color affinities. But there’s an interesting book called Colorstrology which has a color for each day of the year!

I checked mine and it was quite accurate. The book preview includes all days in January and February!


Amazing entry! I love the colors in the Gemini picture! I have things in all different colors too. I’m with you, it got worse over the last year. :rofl: You did a great job with your entry!

My favorite color is blue, always has been (minus a brief time in my childhood where it was red, I don’t remember why, but there was a reason) always will be. I’m very drawn to blues. There isn’t blue on my Sun Sign’s palette either… I’m a Scorpio Sun but a Capricorn Rising & there are shades of blue there. Even my Virgo Moon doesn’t have blue in the palette! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@christina4 thank you and you are welcome lovely :heart:
@Francisco my month colour is sheer lilac and my day of birth colour in caledon green (think iv spelled that wrong lol) :grin: the description for my colour and day of birth were eerily accurate :heart: thank you so much for the link :heart:
@Siofra I don’t know why my favourite colour is red it just always has been, from as far back as I can remember :heart: but I adore gems with green or blue hues they look like the ocean or the sky before the sun fully goes down :heart:


I can remember when I was young that my favorite color was briefly red. I don’t know why or when it changed because after that it’s always been blue. My son has a friend whose favorite color is red also. We always see him wearing something that has red on it. It’s a great color to wear for me though. It makes the blue in my eyes really pop!


I really enjoyed this entry @Liisa. Just looking at your colored photo I can see that you had a blast coloring with your new water colored pencils :heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse: you did a great job.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you :two_hearts: I really did enjoy colouring the page :grin: watercolour pencils are a new venture and I’m liking them so far, made a note to use less water next time :joy:


A huge props to you- I’ve only attempted coloring with watercolor pencils once and let’s just say I haven’t picked them up again since :joy: I can back you up on how tricky they are to use! But gosh, from the looks of the drawing it looks to me like you’ve already mastered them Liisa- amazing work! :heart_eyes: :art::two_hearts:

This is wonderful entry to this week’s challenge- thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous art, rainbow of a garden, and delightful crafting tools :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was a delight to see! Bravo! :rainbow:


I have never heard of these watercolor markers, I am going to find some, because now I am intrigued. I have paint markers are they the same? Those can be tricky to use then the other side of them is a fine point pen in the same color.


@TheTravelWitch I didn’t use a wide range of colours or try to mix any to make other colours so that made it a bit easier lol, I couldn’t imagine trying to drawing something from a blank canvas with them though lol :heart: Thank You :heart:

@Siofra it’s water colour pencils, I just dipped them in water and coloured away at the page :grin: they are messy though and in my plight to keep the mess off the page I got it all over my hands, face and clothes :joy::joy::heart:


That sounds exactly like what would happen to me if I tried it :rofl: