My collection of Poems💫

It is my pleasure today to share with you one of my few collections of poems. I have been writing poems and one or two short stories for some time now. There are many poems that where lost during my years coming up, wish very much that I had started saving my content so much earlier, so I have decided to start saving them as time progresses. I can now have them to share and look back on :hugs: as I am now sharing with you.

This is a platform where people like myself write and read beautiful poems like these. Below is a link where you are free to read, write or even share your talent.


Married To Poetry

NB that writing content is still being editable for a better reading experience. With enough being said, do enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed Be💫


Thanks for sharing! I am reading them slowly but I quickly noticed a strong theme of love and affection. I like that!

Have you published them in a book? Or sent your poems to any literary magazines??


This is interesting! I’m a published writer. I had quite a few poems in a book through a Baltimore publishing company. I’ll have to check this out! Thanks @NickWick :pray::star_struck:


This collections of poems in particular is more about love and affection as mentioned, @Francisco I guess I was in a loving mood when writing these :heart_eyes: I have never publish them in a book although I would really love too, just need some guidelines on the best possible way to do so.


I am happy to know this :heart_eyes: would love to do this bit dont to sure how too.

Not problem, hope you like it!!


Gorgeous, @NickWick! :heart_eyes: You are very kind to share your beautiful poems with the world- and such a cool site! I’d heard of Wattpad, but I never got started on the platform. It looks like a great site for getting your work out there!

I don’t know much about publishing (especially traditional publishing), but I do know there’s a way to self-publish books directly through Amazon or through a site like Draft2Digital. The author has to make the cover and do any advertising they want to do, but then the site puts the book out on the main resale sites in exchange for a percentage of the sales.

You’ve already got a gorgeous book with rich content- you could definitely consider publishing it, Nick! :blush::heart:

Thanks again for sharing- blessed be! :sparkles:


That’s amazing :heart_eyes: I am so thankful for this information. I am so happy for this.
The few books I have written are very gorgeous indeed, I may just take your advice and definitely consider publishing something.


Thank you for sharing! I hope you get them published! That would be great!


Really trying too @BryWisteria suggested some advice a bit earlier would have to look into this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Absolutely you should! Check this out: Writing and Publishing FAQ | Academy of American Poets


Good for you, Nick! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I am cheering you on- wishing you and your beautiful books all the best on the road to publication! :open_book: :raised_hands:


thank you so much form these words of encouragement I really need this.