My Crystal Collection 💎

In my newest video this week, I decided to share my small crystal collection and talk a bit about how I work with crystals. Crystals are very popular in many spiritual communities and I’m not always immune to their captivating lure. I have thoughts, of course, on crystals, how they’re mined, how I work with them, and what I believe.

I know there are many of you here who love your crystals and work with them in various ways. I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!


I will definitely watch this & share any thoughts I may have on it afterward. Thank you for sharing! I’m making a list of things I want to get to today as it’s the last day before EVERYONE is home for 5 days. I want to make some good use of my time before it’s nonexistent. :joy:


Yes your selenite is real. I love rough minerals as well! I feel that with tumbled, you don’t feel the energy as well as with touch or raw stones. And the dragon Jasper/stone is part epidote, which is common in metamorphic rock like marble or granite.
The stone you found in your backyard is a quartz. My son finds them all the time. And he takes them from his uncle’s wall that he made :joy:
So yeah, he collects a lot of those!!
You have a beautiful collection. Oh, the tiny jar, you were right about what crystals they were. If you’d like to know properties, let me know!! I’ll help you out. But you did ask about the carnelian, that’s good for creativity, it’s used is sensual magic.


I feel the same. I won’t buy tumbled stone at all. Unless the are animal ones like @Susurrus turtles :heart: or a pendulum and items like that. Here in Oregon we have lots of quartz of different types so this next year I plan to travel around and gather them and some obsidian.


Hey, Miss MeganB, my thoughts? You look wonderful. Your gems are as beautiful as you are.
Stay safe. Much Love.


I hope you were able to make good use of your time :laughing:

@christina4 – Thank you for the clarification on the stones I wasn’t sure of! That helps a lot! For now, the Carnelian is just beautiful to me but I’ve got an itch to scratch with regard to writing, so maybe I’ll keep it on my desk and see what happens :thinking:

Aww thank you Garnet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That’s very kind of you!