My cutting of cord ritual

I started last night I will repeat it again tonight with the energy of the full moon. I choose colors that represent our zodiac signs. I’m yellow he brown. I’m not good at reading but here is my interpretation

Both flames were tall and strong but the wick in my candle lean towards his. You can’t see in the picture but it looked like my wick had red lips that were open. I guess I was talking to him telling him I need to go. In my mind I could see him standing there with his feet planted acting stubborn.

Both candles burn high till the flame hit the rope. Somehow his slides completely off his flames stopped while mine candle continued to burn high and started. flicking.

The last pictures is the end result. Noticed how the chord landed in his zodiac image LMBO.

I’m definitely need to repeat this. I’m thinking I should used thread instead of the twine. Maybe the result be different.


Beautiful spellwork, @elvelyn- it looks like your cord-cutting ritual helped to sever the tie between you. May you now be free of that stubborn energy so that you can rise to your full potential, shining as bright as your candle burned :candle:

Thanks for sharing and wishing you all the best! :sparkling_heart: