My daily Tarot card pull

As suggested by @TheTravelWitch I’m trying to do a daily, or almost daily card pull, to give me further insight as I continue on my journey to quit drinking.

Today I picked my box up and managed to drop the card with the Ace of Swords practically throwing itself into my lap and I figured that’s a sign if ever there was one.

The interpretation in my Tarot Journal for the Ace of Swords is:

Truth. Courage. Vision. Insight. Power. Triumph. Accomplishment. Irresistible force. Cutting through to the heart of the matter. On a roll. Needed change.

The truth will set you free. You possess the power to cut to the core of thorny issues and the ability to move forward with greater courage and conviction. While confronting raw truth may be painful, it can also arm you with valuable, powerful clarity.

I see this to mean that facing the truth that I have a problem with drinking was hard, but I’ve done it and I’m on the right track now, and I will succeed and improve myself in the process.

Anybody else have any other insights into what the Ace of Swords means? I like the book I’m working from but I realise that I have a long way to go with Tarot.


Learn from your mistakes. I always had to experience and experiment. And find out why. Now I wish I hadn’t but I did for a reason…to learn a lesson. You have to find yours. :blush::sparkling_heart: You’ve got this!!! :muscle:


Personally, and I haven’t gotten in depth on this card yet, I think of this card as one of the victory cards in the deck. Certainly a sign your winning your battle! Good for you!


What a card to begin your daily tarot check-in, @IrisW! :raised_hands: I’d say it’s acknowledging that you are facing your problem head on and taking the steps need towards eventual victory. I’d interpret this as a nod towards your own bravery and determination as well. I think it’s safe to say your tarot is cheering you on too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@IrisW hi and congrats on all your progress so far. As for you card I would look at it a bit different. Cutting through to the heart of the matter. To me that tells me to look deeper, why are you drinking? When did it start? Was there a sudden shift that escalated it or a steady increase? If you can figure out the why it could provide insight into how best to change. It will be hard to examine some of your dark places but you are strong and you are ready to make a change. Just my opinion, love and light to you


Thanks @crystal24, much appreciated.

It’s a long hard road ahead of me and will definitely involve looking deep into the reasons behind why I drink.

Had a bit of a relapse again at the weekend but feeling strong today and determined not to drink.

One day, one hour, one minute at a time


@IrisW your welcome. :hugs: