My Dried China Asters

As I’d said in another post, when my China Aster flowers began to wilt, I decided to dry them in my airfryer.

Having saved some glass bottles from the recycling, I stripped the petals and they smell amazing. But I wasn’t really certain what to do with them after that.

I was thinking about adding them to the Home blessing oil recipe, but decided to do little research first on any particular properties they may have.

This afternoon I stumbled across a blog article on China Asters and learned about their magical uses for love and water magic and that they’re sacred to Aphrodite.

As it happens, when I ordered my prints of Persephone and Hecate from an Etsy seller they got lost in the post and returned to her despite her using the right address, so she threw in some stickers, one of which was of Aphrodite. So I’ve labelled the jar accordingly to be used at a later date.

Really excited to be learning new things and creating my own ingredients.


That sounds wonderful! A beautiful little synchronicity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s a beautiful sticker. I had no idea that you could dry flowers in an air fryer :scream: I’m going to use that idea next time. Thanks for the post!!! They came out nice!!! :star_struck:


I had no idea either! Mine has a dehydrate setting that puts it at 60-70 Celsius and is designed for drying fruit. Figured flowers must be similar and it seems to have worked so I’m going to try it with other flowers too as they come to the end of their life.


Great idea! And it sounds like the China Asters would be very handy for love magic. Great job!


Well, you have a creative mind that’s for sure!!!


That is a beautiful interpretation of Aphrodite :heart_eyes: And now I obviously have to get an air fryer lol! I had no idea they had a dehydrate setting! :heartpulse:


Awesome & I love :heart: the label you created! Great job & thank you for sharing. :star2:


Glad you found such a wonderful use for your China Asters, @IrisW! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: May they carry Aphrodite’s blessing and bring lucky and beauty to any magick or casting you use them in :sparkles: Enjoy! :bouquet: