My Encounter With Venus

I dreamt about Venus handing me something, I can’t remember what. I woke up confused. I thought that was odd. Then, this video starts playing by itself.

I started thinking, after so many years of my kids father passing, maybe I’m ready to start looking for love again. I’m still afraid I might get hurt. But how would I know if I don’t take the chance?

What do you all think?


Transitions and changes are healthy, a moment to get rid of the old energy and welcoming to new vibes in life. A custom some of us witches have here in Puerto Rico, is to even get ride of clothes we don’t use, to clean and throw away stuff on our house, and make changes. Is awesome the dream you had @christina4 , is time to receive the new things in your life.
Blessed Be!


The impending divorce, after 20 years of marriage, was brutal on my heart but it can’t compare to losing a loved one. I recently took a chance on new love and I am the happiest I’ve been. How is that possible? I don’t know and I hope it doesn’t end in great pain. But I had to take that chance.

I suggest, when you are ready, open your heart to that chance. Don’t seek it, let it happen, when you are ready.


I don’t know much about astrology and signs, sadly, but I do know that when you’re ready, love will come knocking at your door and you’ll be able to open it! I have faith in you!