My first circle

So it’s my first time casting a circle in my guided initiation and I must say I’m a bit nervous. Oh let me introduce myself. I’m Annmarie, I’m from Oklahoma and I’m 28. I’ve always felt that I had some kind of spiritual calling. I’ve also been in two predicamens where I’ve came into contact with two different mediums telling me that I should use my magical abilities. I’ve honestly been nervous of what negative I would come into contact with if I were to start. So finally after years of knowing I had a calling and plenty of evidence due to life experience I’ve got up enough courage to start. Now that it’s time to cast my first circle I’ve got cold feet so to say and need some advice from everyone. I would ask someone I knew but I’m not sure that anyone that I know personally is on the same spiritual path that I am on so I had no one to turn to locally so I’m leaning on everyone here. Please help me out and give me a bit more confidence to continue on my journey. It is so very much appreciated :heart: and TIA.


Hello I’m Pedro from Puerto Rico, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Is understandable that sense is your first time, to feel nervous, specially on reprogramming; to get adjusted on your new environment, so it can be understood. Practice is key for every practitioner; even the word just mentioned says it all, PRAC-TI-TIO-NER. You’ll get used to it, just remember that there’s no right and wrong. Members here will be glad to assist you for any questions, me included has far is in my knowledge to do so.


Thanks so much. I guess at time I am a bit timid of change but I feel it’s came to a time in my life where change is very well needed. Bless you.


@annmarie2 it’s ok to be nervous your first time. But don’t worry you will do great. There are great resources on the sight that can walk you through it. Trust in yourself, you can do it. If you need help or just want to chat feel free to message me. We were all new to this at some point. You are in the right place.


Hi @annmarie2! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. @pedros10 is right, the only way through is practice. You’re going to do it wrong at some point in time, but that’s okay. No lightning is going to strike you down or anything like that. Just take a deep breath and start and before you know it, you’ll have cast your circle!

Did you find the courses on the site? There’s a circle casting one that might help you out. You can find it Here.

Hope that helps!


Welcome, @annmarie2! :wave:

I am happy that you chose to embrace your spiritual path. It is very common to get cold feet especially when you don’t have anyone to do it with you.

Here’s a comment I made on a different topic and I hope will help:

Remember this: Fear destroys power .

Fear will paralyze you. It’s common to hear things like “bad spirits” are out to get you, and will let themselves in given the tiniest chance.

When it comes to protection spells, if your intentions are fine (e.g. you are coming from a place of positive thoughts and kindness or love) then there’s absolutely nothing to fear.

Don’t let those who are operating from a place of fear control your Magic. You can’t really be succesful if you’re dealing with that mindset.

Another thing to know: Most of the time, a ritual can’t “backfire”. It either works or it doesn’t. But the best protection spell is to keep learning. The more you learn, the less you fear.

Protection spells are there for those who might be dealing with baneful magic or don’t have enough confidence, so they feel a specific need for an extra layer of protection.

You don’t have to cast a circle every time you cast a spell. The circle will give you confidence and a place to practice without distractions, but it’s not always necessary. Think of it as a “safe space”, your training wheels. Eventually you don’t really need it and it’s also good to experiment without it.


Hi @annmarie2 Welcome I am glad you found your way to this enchanting place. I am also fairly new here but everyone is so warm and friendly. You can ask anything and someone will answer your question the best they can. I felt nervous at first too but the first time you see results from your practice you will be like WOW I did that!!! It is truly amazing when you set an intention and then it comes to pass. Blessed Be!!!


Merry meet @annmarie2 and welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots:

It sounds like you’ve followed the signs and let your intuition guide you- now all you need to do is jump into your magick! :sparkles: Easier said than done, I know, so if you feel hesitant about casting your first spell, perhaps consider trying other types of magick?

Great magickal activities for beginners include listening to a Guided Meditation, doing a Simple Tea Blessing, or learning about Magickal Herbs (that you can add to food and drink- this is Kitchen Witchery!) :herb:


These types of spellwork don’t require lots of tools and are beginner-friendly- they are a great way to cross the bridge rather than take a leap, so to say :blush: A very approachable way to make yourself comfortable in your own magick- spellwork can follow later!

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you all very much. life has been hectic the past few days sorry it took me awhile to get back with everyone. I’ve just been trying to keep up with life oh, my eight month old who has stood up for the first time today and keeping up with doing some kind of learning every day( good thing I :heart: to learn, huh?). So I waited a few days or so to actually do my course where I cast my own circle. I wanted to wait until Millie Vanilli was taking a nap I was by myself except for my dog and completely at peace with everything and anxiety before I before I took that leap. And I have to say it felt comfortable, relaxing (p.s. I can’t ever relax), just all-in-al it was releving. And I feel great. I’m a bit more relaxed than my norm. I want to think everyone who’s gave me some advice, its greatly appreciated and thank you for the support and kindness. And I loved the kind family feel and vibes I’ve got since I came upon this group during my first actual journey stepping into this. it’s odd but it’s something always felt then I was supposed to do since I was young girl when I was in 5th or 6th grade I tried to get into the way of life but got spooked bc I had had the wrong intentions casting my first ever spell that I wrote myself bc I was angry with my mother. The same day she slipped a disc in her back and I was scared to death. My dad came inside telling me what happened and I told him it was my fault and why. Now looking back at it maybe that’s where some of my hard times came my way. I didn’t have good intentions. From then on I told myself that I wasn’t going to play around with magic until I was 100% sure in my heart and soul that this was what had turned from a fantasy me I dreamed of being (as a young girl is always looked up to a few in my life who were called witchy women in my life) to an actual desire and need to learn all I can about what just makes sense to me when I look more and more into the Wiccan/pagon beliefs. To know that even tho I don’t have much support here at home ( just my fiance and my grandfather are understanding and know really but both don’t disagree w/ my choice) I know that I’ve got plenty of others I can gain insits, wisdoms, different techniques and advice from is this overwhelming feelings. Btw I have to warn you all I’m terrible with names but full of questions if I can’t find the answers but myown research first but not afraid to ask either. Thanks everyone, bless you all.


@annmarie2 im so glad to hear your first circle went so well. The more you learn and practice the better and easier everything gets. You are off to a great start.