My Flower Power entry

It’s unusual for me to finish my challenge any earlier than the day before it’s due, but I decided yesterday was the day I was going to work on my Flower Power entry.

I was on a bit of a flower/plant pressing kick last year and decided that this challenge was a great chance to make some things with the flowers I collected and preserved. I won’t say my day was without a few failures and some frustrations including having one small sheet get wrapped around the roller inside my laminator which required me to take the whole thing apart! But it was a lesson learned and I found a way to put small sheets in and protect them with a cardstock sheet supporting it.

I created floral bookmarks using roses, lily of the valley, lavender, black eye Susan. phlox as well as grasses and fern fronds. Then I decided to use some of the custom paper scraps I bought without a purpose to make cards to slip into my journals, books and to give as gifts.

It was a fun project that I hope qualifies for this challenge but if not, I’m still glad I made them anyway.


Those are so pretty! Well done!


Beautifully done, @Artemisia! I love what you have done for the :sunflower: Weekly Witchy Challenge - Flower Power


Absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait until the wild flowers start blooming. I started pressing flowers last year in the fall. My husband buys me flowers and I started drying some and pressing some. I put the pressed one’s in my book of shadows on random pages. When I am working in my BOS and come across one it puts a smile on my face!


Do you attach the flowers in your book or just have them loose? I’ve been wondering if I could modpodge or use another adhesive to attach them to pages, but haven’t tried yet.


I just have mine lose. I tuck it toward the binding part so they don’t fall out, but you could probably modpdge them onto the paper. The only reason I leave mine lose is I like to pick them up and look at them up close.


Look at all of those gorgeous floral crafts- gosh, @Artemisia, I just saw your beautiful runes and now this too, you are so talented! :clap::heart: This absolutely counts for the challenge and I really enjoy seeing your art magick come to life in such a colorful way :art: You’ll be able to look at and treasures these blooms even in winter time- they will always be a lovely reminder of summer’s warmth :sun_with_face:

Really great job- thank you so much for sharing!


Those are gorgeous!! What a great idea😀


That’s a great idea! I’ve been tempted to permanently attach them but I’m with you, I like to be able to pick them up and look at them which is why I’ve laminated some of them :rose: