My husband made me some new items!

I told my husband that I wanted an Athame for my space & he knew that I burn incense. So at work today he made me both! In a little while I will bless them both for use!

I’m so excited for my lovingly made presents!


They both look amazing! And that box with a tree of life too! Your husband is quite the artist!

In some traditions (like British Traditional Wicca) the handle of the athame is generally black, so you could paint it! But it’s really not necessary. I think it’s awesome that you can have tools crafted at home!!


Oh, wow, he is really talented! That is so great. You’re got an awesome hubby there!


@Francisco he didn’t make the box, but he did make the hanging incense holder. I was going to decorate the handle with some black vinyl images that I can make at home with my Cricut. I just haven’t decided which symbols I would like to put on it yet. All that matters to me is that he made them for me on his breaks at work because he is so supportive of my new journey that I have started. The box I am going to use for some spellwork coming up this week.


@Amethyst, thank you so much. He is such a keeper. Everything he does if for the love and care of the family each day, whether at work or home. It makes my heart flutter that during a 50+ hour week at work, he found the time to make me items that I had mentioned to him I wanted. He is good to my children and me, even if they see it otherwise sometimes. Lol


@Susurrus that’s so sweet! You’ve got a winner. :purple_heart:


Such an action of LOVE! I love to see this. You are blessed.


So beautiful, @Susurrus! :heart_eyes: You have a very talented husband- not to mention so supportive and caring too! :two_hearts: It’s wonderful that you’ve found such a great partner who always makes time to make you smile :gift_heart:

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