My Introduction from WA, USA

Hello everyone! I am Katy and I’m a solitary grey hedge witch and psychic advisor on where I read oracle cards, runes and do scrying. I love divination sooo much, that I build my life around it! I am excited to chime in on any discussions about divination, as it is a big passion of mine. I also am a Reiki practitioner and I like crystals. I am almost done with my 2nd degree in Wicca, yay!

Aside from this, I love dogs and have three of them. I am interested in learning more about animal communication and familiars, as this isn’t something I have thoroughly explored in the past. I’ve been practicing the Craft for almost 10 years at this point - it really is a major part of my life!


Merry Meet @Katy_Mysticsens :heart:

Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots: We are blessed to have you here- such a delight to hear about your talents with divination! :crystal_ball:

Feel free to share any witchy wisdom you have on your mind, and don’t hesitate to ask questions if they come up! A good place to find your bearings in the forum is by checking the Merry Meet Monday news post- there’s a new one each Monday with the latest news and updates :newspaper: :blush:

Make yourself at home here! I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon. Blessed be! :sparkles:


Bright Blessings,
Hello :full_moon_with_face: : @Katy_Mysticsens
Welcome to the coven, Travel Witch is right you have so many talents! I see your almost a 2nd degree as well. You have so much wisdom and we are happy to have someone who is gifted in so many areas!
search here this might help. Best tips on how to find your familiar?
:cat2: Familiar Spirits and Power Animals: What is the difference?
Familiars and A Pet
Hope to see you on the witchy challenge in activities!!
I am so happy that you found us here!
:heart: Jeannie
Love and Light :candle:


Good morning! Welcome to the coven! :infinite_roots: We haven’t officially met, I’m Siofra from Cape Cod, MA, USA & I’m more of an eclectic witchy. I do love astrology, crystals (I may have an addiction), & have been practicing regularly since last year. When I was a teenager I was practicing with a friend of mine, then life happened & I put it on the back burner.

I hope to talk to you more soon! Have a great day!


Hi @Katy_Mysticsens! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots: I’m glad to see you here! It seems @Jeannie1 left you some really good links for familiars, but if you have any questions, about anything at all, just ask and someone will pop up and help you out.

I look forward to getting to know you!


Merry Meet Katy :wave:

Welcome to the Forum! It’s great to have a psychic advisor with us.

Do you have a link to a page to get a reading from you? I looked around the page Psychics at mysticsense but couldn’t find you.

Blessed Be!


Thank you so much for the warm welcome everyone! I am excited to learn with you all and share some of my knowledge as well. I believe we all have strengths and weaknesses, and therefore all bring something to the forum.

@Francisco The reason I didn’t show up on Mysticsense is because I use a craft name/pseudonym :sweat_smile: A lot of psychics on the platform (and other platforms) do it, its kind of a standard in the industry. I am super excited to be at Spells8 and also to take the courses! :smiley:


Welcome! I know we conversed a little bit on another post but this is my welcome to you! I’m Christina and I’m from New York. Nice to meet you!!! I found your intro interesting. I love Reiki, divination and I’m a certified crystal healer!! I think we’ll get along great :blush:
Blessed be :pray: