My Life + death and beyond

I think that everyone has wondered, at one time or another, is this all there is? You live 70+ yrs and then, poof, you are no more, obliterated, gone like you never were.

That, my friend is really depressing.

Think about it: we’re born which isn’t the easiest thing on a baby if you think about it. You grow and mature… Now, anyone who says they had an idyllic childhood and their teen years were a joy?

Lies, all lies.

They are either in deep, deep denial or blowing smoke up your nose.

Think about being a child that’s too big to play with the babies and too small to play with older kids. You heard a lot of no, no, no! And when you ask why, You’re told ‘you will know when you’re older?’

Oh my gosh if anybody remembers puberty fondly, they don’t remember body parts that unaccountably grow.
Boys, you know what I mean. That thing you pee with suddenly grows a mind of its own. And then you discover…GIRLS!
Ladies? Think cramps, menstruation and PMS. Every boy seems to be fascinated with your nubile young breasts, which you didn’t ask for, by the way. Then you discover BOYS!
You may think that was the hardest part of your life, but you haven’t seen a thing yet.

I remember telling my parents that they were fossils and didn’t know anything – when I was 18. Well, having been shown the error of my ways, by the time I was 21 they were rocket scientist in my eyes.

Then if you’re lucky you get college out of the way, start a promising job and make the worst mistake of your life. You get married. Let’s face it at 20 you really don’t know when to wipe your nose.

You’ve discover sex…big whoop, it wasn’t worth the nonsense of becoming the mother/wife of some helpless man. Wrong person, wrong time, but we survived basically intact.

Long story short, I did meet a wonderful man and believe it or not were married 7 days days after we met. You may say what in the world were you thinking…I know, I agree. But – 50 yrs have passed and we’re still married.

But I was one of the lucky ones. How many bright, hopeful kids have a nightmare adulthood.

So what happens when we die, is that it? I can answer that with one word No.
Well life in your present form is over but that part of you, call it our soul for lack of a better term. Upon the cessation of your body to function, Soul leaves the Earth/Physical plane

1. The Earth/Physical Plane
You’re born, you live, you cease to function

2. The Astral Plane
When you meditate for astral projection, you leave your physical form and go where ever you choose. I’ve traveled to this plane and it’s clean and clear. Peace quiet. I could fly! It was a place of great discovery.

I spoke to those who had gone before me, my dad, my uncle. I think it’s a place to take stock of your present life to know how to shore up you karma and daily life. A place to learn to be more – better. You can also go there to gain knowledge of how to prepare for what lies after.
This is where I have to end, because I am neither learned or pure of heart enough to enter the following planes.

3. The Mental Plane

4. The Buddhic Plane

5. The Spiritual/Nirvana Plane

6. The Divine/ Para Nirvana Plane

7. The Logoic Plane or God Head

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I have found myself frequently wondering what’s behind the veil.

Here’s a story that was featured on NPR: 14th century author Michel Montaigne had a horse riding accident and almost died. He went through near-death experiences for days. Eventually he healed and wrote in his essays that he never felt so serene in his life. After that, he never feared death again.

Thanks for sharing your story. I think you have mastered the Earthly plane and now onto the Astral plane :+1:


Death raises a lot of questions, and I don’t think the answers are the same for everyone. I know there is more, but sometimes I feel like no matter how much I study what comes next, I won’t really know until I get there. Maybe my own beliefs have an impact on the events that occur in the next world/plan/afterlife.

I believe there is no true death, and I have a dream of eternity that I pursue.


Thank you for sharing your personal thoughts on life, death, and the planes @Garnet! :pray::blush: It’s a topic of fascination and hearing the experiences of others is really helping me as I build my own views on life, death, and the existence of an afterlife :sun:

You have been through a lot, and yet are so strong and brave! Thank you again for taking the time to share the things you’ve felt along your path. So much love and light to you! :heart:


Colin of the Dragon,
That’s the wonder of life, you never know what’s around the corner. Perhaps it also the same with death. One person, many roads or options.
Bless You and your Dragon too.