My Little Visitor

There is a moth that I see everytime I step out on my deck (daily). I don’t know if it is the same exact moth, but it looks the same. I did a quick search a came across a site that suggested that a recurring moth could be a sign of the Goddess watching over you. That is very comforting. Does anyone know of a specific goddess associated with moths? I’m wondering if my little friend is a message that I have been selected by a patron (uh, matron?) deity. There are so many that searching for that detail might be an exhaustive process - which I will do…but a short cut or way to limit the search would be appreciated, as are any other interpretations!


I don’t know about a deity associated specifically with moths, but moths can represent many things. If it is a sign from Someone, then it’s a sign for you to figure out. Signs, in my opinion, are very personal and what it means for you may not be the same as what it means for someone else. I would recommend meditating on the moth imagery and symbolism and seeing what happens. I would also recommend doing some divination about it as well to see if you can get a clearer answer. Sometimes what a moth (or other creature) are doing is just living it’s life :woman_shrugging:t3:


Thank you! I had already planned to do some meditating after my workout, but this gives me a more focused intent for it!


WELL it just so happens :slight_smile: I bought this big ol’ Symbolism book at B&N so let’s see what it says…hmm.

Well, definitely associated with death (wing markings), the soul (flight) or the defiance of death (because it will burn in a candle flame, allegedly), as well as destruction (because it eats clothes, Biblical reference in Job). That seems a lot to put on the butterfly of the night. Maybe, like the Death card in the Tarot, there is a change coming in your life. Some Hekate devotees associate lunar moths with that Goddess.

My dream symbolism book suggests that moths (or more specifically, dreams of moths) warn against making hasty or rash decisions, probably an off-shoot of the “moth attracted to the flame” saying.

I don’t know…those seem to be overly grim to me. Moths are nocturnal and attracted to light. I find them beautiful. Maybe there is some more positive symbolism that can be divined.

AHA! I thought, Native American symbolism is always reverent about animals. So here’s what THEY say moths symbolize: yes, still associated with death, also ghosts and the underworld but also rebirth, transformation, healing and prayer.

Looks like the Japanese and Chinese traditions also associate moths with death and the dead, even that they may be spirits of ancestors! I like that. I have a friend who is a medium and she believes yellow butterflies are messages from her mama.

Does any of this resonate with you? Anything light up your intuition?


My 97 year old grandmother passed away about a month ago, but as far as a portent of things to come nothing comes to mind. Hopefully it is suggestive of change for the Better. I can always use some more Better! This little guy is around a lot during the day. He likes to hang out on the railing of my deck. Maybe a cigar is just a cigar!


Hi. I’m sorry to hear of your grandmothers passing. Animals can bring warnings. Is your deck railing safe? Any loose spots? Are there any wasp nests around the area or bees? When you stand by the area where the moth is what do you see? Maybe it is trying to show you something. Just a few thoughts. I hope you get some answers soon


Thank you! She was 97, so it wasn’t too much of a shock. We’ll all miss her though, of course.

Also, I never thought that maybe it was trying to show me something. I’m going to pay closer attention the next time I see him!


I don’t know about a deity, but I had a moth experience of my own and found this website. Is a fascinating read and maybe has some information that will help guide you! I love moths!


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