My Multilingual Magick Entry

I’ve got to explain a few things about my entry first. LOL! Trust me to make things complicated.

See I’m writing a fanfiction story where Harry Potter is sent back by the Goddess Hekate in time to fix things so they don’t end up like the way they did in the books. It’s a common trope for us fanfiction writers. LOL.

Anyhow, I’m trying to inject some real information about Hekate into my story so I wrote a prayer for the heroes of the story to say during the dark of the moon. Which I plan to write out in a few chapters. It’s in Latin, which is what they use in the Potter!Verse.

Now that I’ve embarrassed myself, here’s my prayer, first in English and then in Latin.

Devotional to Hekate in Latin

Great Hekate, Mother of Magic, we ask that you attend this devotional.
We implore you to turn your face upon your faithful children!
You who gifted us with magic!
Who stands between the Land and Sea, reaching for the Sky!
We welcome you, Great Lady! Queen of the Crossroads!
May you look upon us with kindness and compassion!

Hail Hekate! Hail Hekate! Hail Hekate!
We honor you with your many names!
Lampadios. The Torch Bearer!
Alexeatis. Averter of Evil!
And Sôteira. Savior!
Blessed be the Lady and Her many Faces!

Thank you, Great Lady, for all that you have given us!
A second chance to make things right!
Thank you for the blessing of magic upon us!
Thank you for your protections!

We ask that you continue to bless us with your love and protection!
Guide us along this path to your Crossroads so that we may make the world a better place!
Bless us with your wisdom, Great One!
Watch over us as we move through the world to make it a better place for your Children!
Hail Hekate! Hail Hekate! Hail Hekate!

Magna Hekate, Mater Magia, te rogamus, interesse pietatis.
Oramus te avertere faciem tuam in tuis fidelibus, pueri!
Vos, qui donatus est nobis, cum magica!
Qui stat, inter Terram et Mare, usque in Caelum!
Gratum tibi, Magna Domina! Regina in Mediis!
Ut te respice super nos misericordiam, et miserationes!

Ave Hekate! Ave Hekate! Ave Hekate!
Nos honorem tibi cum multis nominibus!
Lampadios. Facem Signifer!
Alexeatis. Averter Malum!
Et Sôteira. Salvatoris!
Benedictus Domina et Eam multis Facies!

Gratias tibi ago, Magna Domina, quia omnia, quae dedisti nobis!
Secundo forte faciat, quae ius!
Tibi gratias ago pro benedictione de magia super nos!
Tibi gratias ago pro vestra praesidia!

Rogamus vos manseritis benedicat nobis amorem et fidem!
Dirige nos per hanc viam tuam, Compitum, ut nos potest facere mundum meliorem!
Benedicat nos cum sapientia tua, Magnam!
Vigilate super nos, sicut et nos movere per mundum facere meliorem Filiis vestris!
Ave Hekate! Ave Hekate! Ave Hekate!


Great job & I hope your story flows easily for you.

It definitely makes semse why you would translate it to Latin. I kind of wish I taken Latin in school, at least a couple of years.

Awesome job & great idea for a story!


Thank you! I’m enjoying writing it. Mainly because I’m flying by the seat of my pants on it so I’m surprising myself as much as my readers! LOL.

Glad you liked my translation. I wis I had taken Latin too. They only offered Spanish at my schools and I wasn’t interested in that too much.


Oh flying by the seat of your pants is awesome because the book is just as surprising & unfolding for you!

I think when I started taking languages I had the choice of Spanish, Portuguese, & Latin at the time. Then when I went to (well, I went to 3 different high schools) it was Spanish, French, or Latin. I know my boys have more options once they get to the highschool, but I think in junior high it’s Latin or Spanish.

  • (I could be wrong, it may have changed since my boys were high school :laughing:)

I love this @Amethyst! While I’m not a potterhead, I do have an obsession with Supernatural and love reading the fan fiction that’s been put out there.

@Siofra_Strega, when I went through school we had Spanish, French, and German. In highschool they introduced Latin. I did Spanish because, well it’s Texas and I figured I should learn what I considered a practical language (I didn’t envision myself ever going somewhere that the predominant language was French or German). I took 4 years of it and barely remember it, lol.


There’s no embarrassment! I think this is amazing! :clap: I’d love to read it some day if you ever feel like sharing :blush: I think your devotional and the translation are wonderful and you did a great job!


I’ve always flown by the seat of my pants when writing for the most part. It’s more fun that way!

I’ve read a few Supernatural fanfics, not my fandom but they’ve been pretty awesome. At least your fandom encourages fanfiction and even caters to it at points. That must be fun!

Thank you! I’ll probably post a link to the story here once it’s finished. I’ve been working on it off and on for a while now.


I love the “go back and fix it” trope- nothing like fanfiction to weave things together, fix all the original plot holes, and give us the endings we deserve! :grinning: You’re a reader’s hero, Amethyst! :raised_hands: :heart:

That is perfect! It really ties your beautiful prayer into the world you are writing in- what a great choice!

Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor- Amethyst! This is amazing!!! :heart_eyes: We all know you have a real talent for writing and crafting masterful chants, prayers, and devotionals, and then putting it in Latin- gosh, it looks so impressive! :clap:

Beautiful work on this, Amethyst- and yes please! I second what Megan said about sharing a link when you’re done. If you’re comfortable with sharing it, I would also love to read it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hee! Thank you, love! I’m doing it to entertain myself but others should have fun too!

Wow, thank you! I’m so glad you like it!

And when I’m done with the story I intend to credit all of you for reigniting my desire to write. So I’ll definitely be linking it here!


There’s nothing better than doing something that brings joy to you and those who experience it- that’s real magick right there! :heart::blush:

Oh my goodness you are too sweet, Amethyst! The talent is all yours- you deserve the spotlight, my friend! :sparkles:

And hooray- I’ll look forward to it! Until then, I’m cheering you on! :partying_face:


Thanks for all your encouragement, Bry! I appreciate it!


@Amethyst since I have been a part of Spells8, you have always had a way with writing & your contributions to the coven show that in a magnificent way. You have a wonderful talent & being able to utilize in a way that makes you happy is a great gift to have :revolving_hearts:


Aww, thank you hon! That’s such a nice thing to say! :blush:


The pleasure is all mine, Amethyst- when someone shines as brightly as you do, I can’t help but want to cheer you on! :partying_face: :heart::blush:

Lots of love and many blessings! :sparkles:


@Amethyst I can’t like this enough :green_heart::purple_heart::black_heart::heart:- this is well done and I am in awe of your writing and LATIN! Fan Fiction writers often have as good of a connection and community as the original author, and often even better writers! I am so happy your love of writing is back. I too am a writer and as I told @gardenstone … I am in the process of writing the great American Novel for the last 10 years lol. Although @gardenstone has published many books in the fantasy genre. Hopefully we can all support one another here with these endeavors as well.
:open_book: :writing_hand: :purple_heart:


So creative and I really do respect your writing :writing_hand: and how it flows so well! You are very knowledgeable and you did really great :blush:
I appreciate you and I like how you used her epithets! :rose:


Thank you, my dear, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL! And keep working on your novel, I’m sure you’ll get there eventually.

Thanks, Jeannie! It was fun to write. Now I’ve just got to write the scene that goes with it. LOL!


Happy Birthday :tada: to you dear friend! I hope you had a memorable day!

Millie says Happy birthday too!



Oopsy! It’s actually @jan_TheGreenWitch I was wishing happy birthday to! But thank you anyhow, Millie is a cutie!


@Amethyst Thank you for the birthday wishes!!!
@Jeannie1 Love Millie’s pics and that cute little curled tongue! :tongue: