My Neighbors Are Amazing

My neighbor was doing some gardening & gave us a bunch of bush daisies to plant in our flower garden & this weekend is giving us a portion of a Heather plant. I linked the past discussion about this gorgeous purple plant that we had a while back. I’m so excited that she is giving me some & some more daylilies to fill in our circle. Plus when she pulls up the other flowers, we get the first choice. She has a lot of great plants. The neighbor beside her gave me our hostas & Johnny Jump Ups & introduced me to the greatest nursery in our area.

Medicinal and Magickal- an Introduction to Heather! :herb:

Heather Printable

Also this week, my husband brought home a Hyacinth for me. He found it behind his shop. It’s a gorgeous deep purple. He works for a landscaping company & sometimes they just toss stuff in the woods when they don’t need it or pull it. He has also brought home a Rose of Sharon that we have in the center of our circle out in the front of my house.



:heart_eyes: Oh, she is beautiful :heartpulse: So romantic :heartpulse:

I love heather also! It grows all over the Munros in Scotland, there is a small farm in the highlands that have a few sheep that they milk to make soap with and they gather Heather from the hillsides to add to them and they smell amazing :heartpulse: Really good for your skin :heartpulse:


How beautiful! You’re very lucky!


I love the :purple_heart: purple color and how it pops so pretty. My neighbor gave me her number today. She is going to help me garden too. She said she was going to come by. It’s funny cause she has a little garden in the city and still has a garden. I love it!


I like the purple too! I have a great neighborhood. We are always helping each other

I got lucky that my husband has picked up a thing or 2 bring the fleet mechanic for a landscaping company. My 2md neighbor has also had little gardens with my daughter & she pretty good with plants too. I can do landscaping if you tell me the what & how. :rofl:


With @IrisW’s beautiful iris bouquet and @Siofra’s gorgeous heather and hyacinth, purple is clearly the fashionable color in the forum at the moment! :purple_heart: :grin: :purple_heart:

Congrats on your lovely new finds, Siofra! They will make a wonderful addition to your garden. May all your plants thrive this season! :bouquet: :blush:


Thank you! Yes the Johnny Jump Ups are purple also & I have a couple of Iris’ & Grape Hyancinth coming up. Purple is a fan favorite among flowers here! :bouquet: :purple_heart:


Ohh Hyacinths are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: flowers and beautiful smelling, too!