My Newest Video

My newest video endeavour ,I need some critiques


You make very pretty videos! I like it a lot! There’s nothing to critique about.


This is beautiful @roxanne, bravo!!! :clap:

I love the gentle background music, the font you used, and I think all of the pictures tie in to the book you are advertising on each slide.

My only possible suggestion depends on where you plan to use this video. Most advertisements on sites (like YouTube, Facebook or other social media) tend to be around 30 seconds or so. Simply because people have short attention spans! :laughing: If you are posting this to those sites, you might want to cut it into two or even three videos. But if you are advertising directly on your channel or site where you know viewers are already hooked on your content I think this length should be fine!

All in all, it’s a gorgeous video- well done and thanks for sharing! Good luck to you and your lovely book shop! :books::two_hearts:

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I have them on my youtube channel, on pinterest and on instagram

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I think it’s a great idea to spread them across platforms to reach a wider audience! :clap: The video is beautiful- continue to experiment with them, and I am wishing you and your business all the best of luck and good fortune! :sparkling_heart:

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