My partner has begun to engage with the Wiccan path

How should a once solitary practitioner manage to work Wiccan rituals with your partner in a relationship? I’ve just started to understand solitary practice, but are there rituals (especially during sabbats and esbats) that we can or should do together?

Blessed be!


Wow, I have no idea, I’ve always been solitary. I know that in a lot of the seasonal books that Llewellyn puts out there are rituals for solitaries, couples, and covens. Maybe that would help?


Only you two can decide this. If you both prefer to practice alone, there’s no harm in continuing that practice even though you’re in a relationship. If you two want to try rituals for the holidays together, you can just work it out where each of you has a particular job you do during the ritual and see if it works. There’s no harm in trying, even if it doesn’t work out the way you though it would.


Yes, you should definitely spend the sabbats and esbats together if you can! :sun: :full_moon:

Even if you don’t go into full-blown great rite mode, you can still have a candlelite dinner, break some bread and pour some wine for the Goddess. :waxing_crescent_moon: :full_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:

  • Make a bonfire and cast a circle together. Or go out in nature on a New Moon and watch the stars.

  • If you like singing, chant together or bring drums for a music ceremony, and to banish evil spirits :fire:

  • Feel free to adapt any solitary esbat rituals into a group ritual for two people. Same goes for the sabbats.

  • Visualization and guided meditations as a pair are also fun.

  • Bring a marker and make a sigil together. Then color it or make a copy so both can keep it.

There are many things to do, from cleaning to baking, to making love. Remember Aleister Crowley’s quote: “Any act, if in accordance with the will, is an act of magic.”


This isn’t a replay for your question, but one of the reasons I want a witch partner, so we can do witchy things together. :relieved:


I’m skeptical about dating at all but when I do, it’s gotta be someone who understands and respects what I do and who I am! I hear ya there!


Thank you all for the thoughtful responses! We currently have 2 altars set up and cleansed the new space. So far it’s been great! We discussed celebrating Sabbats and Esbats together, but primarily meditating/practicing magick on our own accord for now.

I personally think that’s safer and smarter to let my partner take his own path spiritually, rather than force him to use my altar and follow my methods on magick and meditation. :slight_smile:


I agree 100% :ok_hand: Good decision!


,That would be awesome,I am a solitary witch however my husband knows that I practice witchcraft and I dream of one day me and him doing ritual together.!


I like that, even though we can have different opinions, but understand each other and respect our craft.