My shocking start to yesterday

I’m gonna back track just a little since I’ve been MIA a bit. So I’ve started back to work at the job I had when my son died and I started getting bad in my addiction and I’ve already been promoted to assistant manager and I’m even being loaned to another store in our company because they are so short staffed. Fast forward to the night before last I worked my first ritual since raye was born and yesterday morning I get up to go to my shift at the store I’m on loan to (first time at this store) and I start seeing signs of success from my ritual (I think) but when I get to work and I’m getting my stuff situated to start my day I dropped my keys and my rose quartz point keychain broke in half. (Might I add the ritual I worked was a love spell). Just curious what the :infinity: roots family thinks about what this might mean and what to do with my rose quartz point key chain now? I carry it on my keys as a reminder to be gentle and loving with myself right now cause I’m doing the best I can and now I’m just sad and confused


Hi @phoenix_dawn
I would do a ceremony to thank your rose quartz point crystal and keychain, then I would throw them both in a lake or bury them. Bury or drown your sadness and confusion too! I think a new door just opened for you and it’s time for a new start, get yourself a new keychain and a new crystal. What about a crystal heart you can carry in a pocket or necklace to wear? Wishing you much love and success!
:heart: :hugs:



Just kidding. It could be just unfortunate. I wouldn’t worry too much about it unless I started seeing more than one sign. If you think it is “spooky” (my way of saying ‘involving witchcraft, magic or weird Ish’), then I agree with @marsha.

Either way, be positive. We more towards that which we focus on.


It could be that the crystal helped you love yourself and it was time it moved on. I agree with the others, focus on a new crystal and your new situation. Don’t focus on the negatives. Good luck working with your little one!


@phoenix_dawn Congratulations on your successes! Did that happen on your first day?? If so, I agree with Marsha too. It’s one of those inverse psychology tricks where you think something bad happened but it’s really a way to make you appreciate what you have and be thankful for what remains.



No not in my first day but with in my first month. (I was an assistant manager when I left on my downward spiral) and within the first month of being back I’ve been repromoted and loaned to another store as well. But my crystal breaking happened on my first day at the store I’m being loaned to.


The quartz did its job on you, in Spanish when a quartz, or a charm broke or fell off a necklace, we call it; “LIBERAR", in another words it did the job and or purpose on you. Which means that you don’t need it, which is a good thing.
Really happy to read about you @phoenix_dawn !!!


Congrats on the promotion! You are doing GREAT! :clap:
I try to find something positive :heavy_plus_sign: when something makes me sad, so here’s my attempt…
You could think of it as you now have 2 rose quartz so now you have twice the love to give therefore you are going to get twice the love back 3 times! :triskele:

Just a thought. It will work out what ever you decide do :wink:


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