My son is going in surgery tomorrow

I feel your pain mama! I’m so sorry!!! I don’t really know what to say because I was in his shoes not that long ago. But, he has to wanna change. I went to a mandatory rehab and I wasn’t ready to change. But I hit rock bottom and little by little I changed. I still feel guilty from what I’ve done to those I love. I can’t change the past but I learned from it.

I’m saying a prayer for your son! And for you that you find some comfort and peace. I hope he gets help soon! If you’d like, I could add him to my healing box.


With kids of my own, I can only imagine your anguish. I hope your son finds his path someday soon.


I’m so sorry @Jeannie1, that’s terrible. Hopefully, your son will come to his senses and get to the hospital.

That’s a beautiful prayer you’ve written for him. You should be proud of yourself, you’re doing everything you can for him.


Dear Coven,
Thank you for all your prayers and many of you have sent me so much love! I cant thank you enough for being there with me while I go through this with my son! I just wanted to keep you all updated. My son did get locked up again. So I am so much happier he is going to at least see a doctor! Its not fun to be in jail but he is sometimes better off in jail! So thank you for all your prayers and may you be blessed for your love that you extended to me and the family! You are all, like a family here!
Thank you to Hecate for answered prayer! I am so grateful!
Hecate has answered my prayers and I am going to light a candle for him and send him some light! I am a torch barer and I am claiming Hecate’s keys that she protects my son!

I tried a sigil and I am going to burn :fire: it know!
I got this card this week in my deck with the Whild Unknown Archetypes

:rose: :candle: :rose:
Thank you!


My heart is with yours. I hope and pray that everything turns out well for you and your son. You are so strong and loving!


@Jeannie1, Hecate has answered your prayers. Maybe you would have liked him going back to the doctor on his own more but he is safe, he has food, and he has a doctor looking at him. These are all good things. I’ll continue to pray for you, my dear. Hopefully, he’ll be there long enough to get healthy.


The support and understanding from you to your son is amazing. You’re an excellent mother, Jeannie, and I’m sure he’s just as grateful as I would be for that kind of love.

Praying for the best future :candle:


“Yes” I was able to sleep last night thinking at least he has medical attention. I think Hecate answered my prayers thankfully!
Thank you so much for your kind words and lovely thoughts! I am ever so greatful to have you all! I thought I was going to lose my mind but thankfully I still have it attached to my head!LOL


@Garnet , great advice! I completely understand what you mean! You loose yourself in time if you’re constantly living your life for others.

Blessed be


Praying for you and your son. May the future bring only the best your/his way.

Blessed Be


I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be my true self and taking off the mask. As always the coven has shown me love :rose: :candle: :rose: and extended y prayers to the family! I appreciate all of your prayers, kindness and wisdom. I know that we have lots of LOVE here that comes from a sacred place. “I am so blessed” I will continue to do my best to live my life to the fullest! This is why I continue to do spells and create a sacred space where all of my dreams will eventually come true through my magic and sacred space! I am working on meditating and getting in therapy again to better myself.!
Blessed Be! :candle: :heart:
I am working on being my own best friend, truth be told!