My son is having a hard time at school

Good evening,

My son is having a hard time at school with a certain teacher and I was wondering if there is any spell to make their relationship any better? They both seem to not get on at all and is not helping in Sean’s learning and development…

Blessed be.



Jar spells can be very versatile, I recommend a honey jar spell like this one:

Honey is used to sweeten emotions between people. Sometimes they are used for love or to promote interest in a relationship. In this case you can use it to smooth out things between your son and this teacher.

However if that doesn’t work it may be good idea to bring the issue up by directly talking to the school.

All the best!


Thank you for your reply. I have already raised the issue with school so hopefully with the jar and me talking to the school the situation will get better.

Blessed be.


Greetings @nuria!

So sorry to hear your son is having struggles with a teacher at school. Francisco’s jar spell is a great and versatile way to treat the problem, adding to that here are a few other approaches you might consider:


Road Opener Spell

For finding a way out of a stagnant situation and moving forward.

Door Opener Key Spell

To open new doors, gain confidence, and invite good luck into a situation.


Spell to Banish Evil and Negative Energies

A protective spell that helps to send away negative energies and influences.

Wishing all the best of luck to you and Sean, nuria! :pray::heart:


Whichever spell you choose, I pray that your son is comforted enough to open up and ask questions and get the help he needs. My son is 14, autistic and has hard times transitioning. He just started going back to school instead of online. He’s having the worst time. Ug. I send you positive energy!!!


If you like I’d be honoured to offer you a tarot reading with a channeled messages from your guides (if you know them and are familiar please do let me know and I’d not I’ll invite in any guides with helpful knowledge for this area) to address this. No obligations for payment but if the reading does at all resonate with you I do have PayPal available for gratitude (again not required) :black_heart: blessed be and I hope you’re finding some ease