My tarot reading today

Today, I did a Celtic Cross spread to get more insight on my legal case. It is the last business day before the trial Monday and Tuesday. I asked the cards what I needed to know about this case and outcome

The draw:
Situation - Death
Obstacle/Challenge - Knight of Wands (Reversed)
Recent Past - Ace of Swords (Reversed)
Near Future - Five of Swords (Reversed)
Foundation/Root of the issue/Subconcious - 3 of Cups (Reversed)
Crown/Focus/Conscious Mind - 4 of Cups (Reversed)
Me - Five of Wands (Reversed)
Environment/Others - Eight of Pentacles
Hopes and Fears - Page of Pentacles (Reversed)
Outcome - Ten of Cups
Clarifier/What else do I need to know: King of Swords (Reversed)

Interpretation (using books):
I can expect a major change soon - the end is near - and this will transform my life (Death) - I may win or lose but the change will occur. In this legal battle, I will encounter a cold and ruthless person or an unfair situation (Knight of Swords) but the overall outcome is that I will, in the future, find contentment and security and happy relationships with family at home. In the past I experienced hostility, conflicts and confusion. The near future points to efforts at negotiation or maybe just acceptance and moving on. I have felt disconnected, isolated and unfairly treated (root) because my ex is only letting me see my son infrequently. My focus and response to that is to try really hard; I’ve been motivated. I see myself as a team player and some of the other attorneys as hardworking experts. We have been trying to reach a compromise but my Knight of Swords is being unfair. I’m afraid of suffering financial set backs but it does look like, win or lose, I’ll be okay. I have suffered a lot the past several years. I am ready for my ten of cups life. I am ready to be happy again.

This was consistent with my psychic reading last week. I may not seee my son or I may, but my future life and happiness does not depend on it. I will find happiness in other connections with family and a happy home life. I do feel ready to let this go. I’ve fought as hard as I could without a lawyer. If the price of not being hurt by my ex is seeing my son less, at least for now, I will pay that. And if I win, well that’s good :slight_smile:

That’s my interpretation but if you see something else, let me know.


I do hope that you win the outcome of your son. I agree with your interpretation. Best to answer this would be Megan B. I’m still learning with the Tarot cards.


Personally, your interpretation feels right for you. I use the meanings & stories from my deck of cards to do some interpreting & I’m also working on the images themselves.

However, I see that you are on the right track as far as agreed-upon meanings for tarot cards. A bit later if @MeganB signs on, she can let you know if you are going off track, but I think you did a really good job with your spread.

Was it a full Celtic Cross & your focus were those 3 cards? (:skull_and_crossbones:, :sword_tarot:, :cup_tarot:? Regardless, due to where it falls in line with your reading last week, I think your intuition is right & that you have the information to keep moving forward.


I’m here! :laughing: Let me see… (and also it’s so funny to me that you guys see me as some sort of tarot whiz)

Anyway, I have only done a Celtic Cross spread for myself maybe a handful of times. I find them to be a lot to interpret sometimes and just would rather do a smaller reading.

You seem to be on the right track with the reading. And of course, you’re definitely closer to the situation that any of us will be. Based on the cards you pulled, it’s very clear that in your past, indicated by both the challenge and the recent past card, you’ve felt very out of control. Everything around my has been moving and even if you wanted it to stop and rest, you’ve had no power over the way things have gone.

The root of the issue being the Three of Cups reversed points to almost feeling left out, kind of? Which would make sense in this situation because you’re being kept on the outside of a family life you want. The Four of Cups reversed generally points to choosing your happiness. You’re aware of the situation and you’re not looking at it through rose-colored glasses. The situation is clear and, whether you like it or not, at least you understand where everyone stands.

My only concern with the reading is the King of Swords reversed. This usually points to someone who is controlling, abusive, and manipulative. Maybe this points to your ex, though I don’t know about your relationship or situation. I would caution you to be careful going into the situation. This card showing up as your clarifier just screams to me be careful because this person is dangerous.

Overall, I think you did a great job with your reading and interpretation and I wish you the best of luck with your court case :pray:t3: :heart:


Thank you so much. We are inches from settling. I did a 2 paths spread today. Although it wasn’t crystal clear, it definitely pointed to negotiation as the way to go. The other “party” – I don’t want to say anything but yes, your hunch is right. Doing a cord-cutting ritual tonight but I am doing it with love. I have thought all day about boundaries and my responsibility in that. I now feel no matter what the outcome, I am going to be okay because I will no longer be at his mercy (and there really is no mercy). I am so looking forward to the cutting these cords, letting go and taking my energy and power back.


Whatever happens, I hope it all works out in the way it needs to :people_hugging:


Sending you warm energy and support for the trial today and tomorrow, @mary25- you are in my thoughts! :heart: May the trial bring you the justice you are seeking! :pray::candle: