My Thoughts Today & A Mantra

I feel as if I have had a rough go lately - with the passing of my mother and then in 2023 we have lost 2 dogs, and we have another dog named Tank, which is a great dane – who is 11 years old – is declining very quickly. An 11 year old great dane is almost unheard of, so we have been very blessed to have him this long…which doesn’t make the thought of losing him any less painful though.

PLUS - I sat on a board of directors as a volunteer – which I recently resigned from because of a lot of drama that I did not want to deal with anymore - but this organization I was part of meant a lot to me…so me leaving was a huge blow – even though me leaving meant I was protecting my own mental health.

I have been feeling a lot of chaos within lately. A lot of heartache. A lot of crying. A lot of spacing out and feeling numb all at the same time.

Last night we left the windows open, and I was awoken by the sound of singing birds. With that - it gave me, a lighter feeling…not sure how to really explain it…except that I felt less… crazy? LOL Not sure that is the word I want either…but anywho…the sounds gave me a feeling of hope…that life still goes on even if I have not been feeling like it has.

So – I got out of bed and headed to the kitchen to make coffee, and then sat in front of my computer and in my memories…came this image below.

This was one of the dogs I recently lost this year in March - Koda, my little bear. We would do this walk together every morning.

This frog pond is near my house and it’s a place I used to go often for healing. Since March I had stopped going regularly and I felt like this memory was a sign for me to get my butt in gear and head there again.

I already have my shoes on to go - but wanted to write this before I lost it.

My mantra -

Today I will not allow someone else to steal my peace. I surrender to nature for her embrace aids in my healing.

Feel free to comment below with an inspiring mantra and/or image of your own.


You’ve been through so many things in such a short period of time, it’s no wonder that you’re feeling overwhelmed and kind of spaced out and numb! :people_hugging: I’d like to think that your sleeping with the windows open was a way to let a lot of the chaos out of your house, leaving you waking up feeling lighter and more at peace :heart:

I’m really proud of you for going on that walk and allowing yourself that peace. You’re doing amazing! :revolving_hearts:


Love and respect for all you do and all you are. I’m glad you find ways to overcome and continue on. You give me much Joy and to others also. Your wisdom and advice go further than you might think. Love and Light to you and yours :heart_on_fire: :sweat_smile: :people_hugging:


Thankyou for sharing a piece of your heart. It reminds us that through the dark night morning always follows and with the morning comes the light. Blessed be beautiful :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for sharing your honesty, wisdom, and beautiful mantra :pray: :heart: I’m sorry for all of the challenges you have had to face lately, but am so humbled by your ability to still find and appreciate beauty around you. I think that is a very powerful thing :bird:

I hope you had a lovely walk to the pond and enjoyed reminiscing in some happy memories- may there be many more happy memories and smiles soon to come for you, Silverbear! So mote it be :people_hugging: :two_hearts: