My Wax Reading 🕷️

I burned a candle yesterday for the third eye crystal grid, here Third Eye Crystal Grid 👁️ and the wax looks like a spider.

Well, it’s hard to show with the lighting but you could kinda make out the eyes. I looked up the meaning of spiders.

This article states that it may mean a few different things. I’m still not sure :joy:

Then, for today with the crown chakra candle

This wax reading looks like a weaner dog. :joy:

He’s laying down and facing the right.

A person who saw a dachshund in his dream can be expecting luck in love and a long period of happiness. According to Miller’s dreambook, to dream of a dachshund is more of a positive sign than a negative one. So, for example, a long dog wagging its tail happily promises a long period of happiness and joy. › dachsh…
What Dream About Dachshund Means - Check My Dream


Awesome reading & great information. Thank you for sharing!


You’re welcome! Thanks for the :heart:


I had just finished reading this post and I look over at my Altar and this tiny fellow has made a web there :grin:

Thank you for this info :heart: :heart:


A wonderful symbol to see in a reading! :dog: :two_hearts: Beautiful wax work, Christina- thanks for sharing your finds! :spider: :pray::sparkles:


Oh, that’s funny bc as I’m getting my daughter into the bath, I see a daddy long leg. I ran outside and set him free. Without my daughter knowing of course :rofl:


I’m forever trying to rescue insects :heart::heart: people at work already think I’m a bit quirky so it doesn’t help when I tell everyone not to move just so I can rescue the spider or other insect away to be stood on :joy::joy: I even talk to them as I’m saving them :grin:


You are both very kind souls, @Christina4 and @Liisa :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For me, bugs out in the wild are fine- they don’t bother me and I leave them be in their own space. But when they come inside? Nuh-uh, that’s my natural habitat! :joy: Bugs in the room are a battle cry in this household :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :broom:


I have another wax I’d like to show you my findings…

Do you see a beautiful Swans :swan: face or some kind of bird?
What do you see??


Haha :joy: that made me laugh so hard :rofl::joy:
Oh man I love you, Bri!!!


I do see a swan!! Or a goose maybe? I have a spell candle that I did for the catch up challenge and it’s completely melted now with no wick left, can you read the wax of a spell or should it one that was lit for divination purposes? I’ll take a picture real quick.

Did you ever look for shapes in the clouds as a kid? I did it all the time and then “grew out” of it (I know growing up right?? Lol) and now I’m 33 and I’m back to looking at the cloud shapes again :grin: only this time for magical purposes :heart:


Hahaha glad I could share a smile- lots of love back to you too, @Christina4! :sparkling_heart:

As for the candle wax, it seems like wax reading doesn’t come as easily to me as tea leaf reading (even though they are very similar?) :sweat_smile: . But since it was pointed out, I can see the eyes, beak, and swooping neck of a swan or goose :swan:.

Good for you, @Liisa! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think reading the clouds is both a wonderful way to increase your creativity flow and practice divination readings- it’s a good (and very relaxing! :relaxed: ) thing to do, no matter your age! Happy cloud readings :cloud: :heart:

I think for general spells the candle wax can be read to determine the spell results, such as how successful the spell was.

To read the wax for deeper and more complex meanings, I would think that a question would have had to be posed to the candle before and/or while it was burning- like you mentioned for divination purposes or other spellwork that requires an answer/guidance. The answer to your question or knowledge of the situation being divined would then have time to form while the candle was burning.

These are just my personal thoughts though (based on tea leaf readings), as I am not very experienced with wax readings! Would love to hear others thoughts and opinions on this :blush::pray:


I always looked for shapes in the clouds! I never grew out of that :sweat_smile: and I’m in 36!

Your wax looks like a lady dancing freely.
It’s nice actually!


@christina4 I saw a lady in a dress with her arms open as if inviting you for a hug :heart: but she could totally be dancing though, kind if like a flamenco vibe? :heart:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry that makes sense it’s a good theory :grin: the candle was to bring prosperity and harmony to my family in our new home :heart: and if I was to read it to see if my manifestation rang true then I like @christina4’s reading of a woman dancing freely, as if prosperity and harmony were already hers :heart:


That’s such a beautiful interpretation :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dancer: It sounds like your Prosperity and Harmony spellwork was a big success- congrats, Liisa! :clap: :heart:


We have been feeling very settled after the move and things have ran as smooth as I could’ve hoped :heart: Thank You :heart:


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