My weekly challenge entry

There’s so much I could have explored for this week’s challenge, and I’m horribly indecisive so it could have been a struggle to pick something!

However, as I’ve picked up a fair few new rocks and crystals whilst I’ve been on holiday this week, I decided to concentrate on expanding my knowledge on those, and putting some of them to use in a spell.

So the first task was to properly go through what I’ve got and update my catalogue of crystals and their properties.

CRYSTALS.pdf (52.1 KB)

Once again, I’ve used various source of information and the primary sources are listed in the document.

I then cleansed them with palo santo before putting together my first Crystal Grid using the Spells8 Flower of Life grid as a base:

Flower-of-Life-Crystal-Grid-Spells8.pdf (188.3 KB)

Whilst my relationship with my husband is solid and has remained so through a very difficult year with the pandemic, we’ve lacked some passion over the last couple of years, some of which has been rekindled whilst we’ve been away, likely because we were so relaxed.

So I set an intention related to that for continuing love and passion, and created a grid with a large Rose Quartz at the centre, smaller Rose Quartzes, Green Aventurine and Unakite representing the Heart Chakra, and Honey Calcite and Carnelian representing the Sacral Chakra.

This is loosely based on a Crystal grid for Love from Crystals for Witches by Eliza Mabelle (thanks for the recommendation @christina4)

It’s set up on the lower part of my altar. Let’s see if it has the desired effect :slight_smile:


Oh it’s beautiful :heart_eyes: :sob:I’m so happy to have inspired you!!! Seriously you did such a great job with your crystal grid!!! :clap::gem::dizzy:


That crystal grid looks great! I hope it works for you!


I love it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :gem:
I’ve started a new (personal) BOS, in wiki form, and I’d love to use it as a base for the crystal section, with your permission of course :smiley_cat:

It’s a beautiful grid, may it bring you all you desire and more :blush:


I’ve got a word format if you want that instead so it can be added to and amended?


Thank you, the PDF is perfect for me to copy from though! I’ve got a full fledged wiki set up with links and everything, just need to add content… :sweat_smile:


That’s very organised!

This took me ages to update today. Realised I’d left gaps and written some nonsense last time. Doesn’t help that some sites say different things… :rofl:


Thank you, so is your catalog, and very concise! :smile_cat: The format kinda reminds me of Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences. There are a lot of beautifully written articles, enjoyable podcasts and insightful forum posts containing plenty of witchy wisdom… that take time to properly enjoy and sometimes can end up conflicting with each other :joy: Usually I just go with my intuition when that happens.


Bravo, @IrisW! :clap: Thanks so much for sharing your Crystal catalogue- 9 pages of beautifully organized crystals and their properties! :star_struck: And your crystal grid looks lovely :gem: May it help to continue the rekindling of the passion in your relationship :heart:

Beautiful work- thanks again for sharing!


:sparkles:Iris - Lots lo beautiful intention! Looks like :two_hearts: love will continue to grow and spring up inn your marriage!
Love :heart: you grid and the lovely correspondences!


Beautiful crystal grid, Iris!! Is this your regular altar?? I admire how fast you can make it look completely different… The power of transformation in action! I like this variation in purple, it is truly royale :gem:


If you don’t mind my asking, how’re you doing this? :heart_eyes_cat: I’ve been plotting ways to digitize my BoS, so I’d love to hear how you’re doing yours if you don’t mind sharing :smiley:


It’s the bottom layer of my regular altar :slightly_smiling_face:

Picture of previous layout:

I’ll take a current photo later today.


I’ve taken a current photo of my full altar, after a bit of a tidy and update…


In an extremely nerdy way I have to say :joy_cat:
I’ve set up a Mediawiki environment on my computer with Docker Compose… there are some instructions on their Docker Hub page on how to do it. Some assembly and/or magic required :smile_cat:


Kiitos! I’ll have to look into that! :smiley:


Your current altar arrangement is lovely, @IrisW- so many beautiful treasures on display! :two_hearts:

I didn’t know about Mediwiki- it looks like a good way to organizing witchy notes and documents digitally! Thanks so much for the tip @CelestiaMoon :heart:


It fits perfectly there!! Again, I love your grid!!