My Weekly Witch Challenge - Colors of Magick

I experienced an array of emotions during this reading, from joy to peace, to intimidation to confusion, but mostly confusion. :laughing:
When I drew the cards, the first thought that came to my mind is, “what in the world does this dragon have to do with this chakra?” I had to meditate on some longer than others.

But in the end, I was able to uncover what messages the dragons have for my seven chakras, how I can unblock them or prevent them from getting blocked.

Root Chakra:

“…only truth has integrity and can stand the test of time.”

Illuminare encourages us to live with integrity.
Since the root chakra is the foundation on which we build our lives, it’s important to be honest with ourselves and others. A foundation built upon lies will eventually crumble. Lies can destroy relationships, whether it is with a parent, a friend, a spouse, a partner, or a coworker, and can bring fear and anxiety to our lives.

Sacral Chakra:

“It is your life, your journey, you walk it your way.”

Destiny encourages us to not judge others for how they are living their lives.
Imbalances in the sacral chakra can manifest as sexual dysfunction, emotional isolation, and withheld intimacy.
Destiny has given me confirmation that there is nothing wrong with my sacral chakra.
I’ve had family members (i.e., my sisters) imply that they think I’m miserable for choosing to stay single, for not having any interest in sexual activity, and for not wanting children.
But… I’m not miserable. I’m not lonely. And I’m not feeling unfulfilled.
This is how I choose to live my life and I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval.

Solar Plexus Chakra:

“I will guide you to help you discover the best way that you can heal.”

Similar to the drawing from yesterday’s tea meditation, I drew a dragon associated with healing. Rest and relaxation and not taking on so much at once is important to maintaining balance of my solar plexus.

Heart Chakra:

“Trust yourself, your inner wisdom and your intuition.”

This card threw me for a loop when I drew it. What does confidence related to the heart chakra? Then I remembered saying I feel like I’m an undateable person. Well, Confidence has appeared in this reading to tell me that I need to have more confidence in myself as a person that is dateable.

Throat Chakra:

“…integrate the higher vibrations within your work and life…”

Communication is something that I think I have difficulty with, especially verbal communication.
According to the guide book, there are twelve dimensions of spiritual enlightenment. Actramis is a seventh dimensional dragon who operates on the fifth dimension as well.
I’m still trying to learn about these twelve dimensions and how I can ascend to them spiritually. I may still be stuck between the third and fourth dimensions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But anyway, Actramis encourages us to move up to the seventh dimension. When we do, we will feel more at ease with ourselves. If I’m more at ease with myself, perhaps that will allow me to communicate more effectively.

Third Eye Chakra

“You are responsible for your life, your behavior, and your experiences and, more importantly, how you react to them.”

Imbalances to the Third Eye Chakra can result in a lack of direction.
Emergence encourages us to look inside ourselves, when we feel lost and don’t know where we are headed.

Crown Chakra:

“You can choose to heal and be healed, or swim in the riptides.”

Delphin was another card I had to meditate on for awhile since the message wasn’t clear to me, at first.
This dragon represents the oceans. Like the oceans, there is still so much that hasn’t been discovered. Like the universe. Like life itself. What is your purpose? Why are we here? If we seek these answers, there is a chance we will connect a power greater than ourselves, whether we call it the Universe, God, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hecate, and so forth.


Thank you for the images of the cards that you drew. I loved the interpretations too & how they relate to the chakras. Great job! Great information!


This is awesome thank you :heart: I love the cards, I have a friend who loves images of dragons and statues and it made me think of her :heart:


Wow :flushed: I love this!! You used the cards to resonate with the chakras!! That’s creative!!! You did a lovely job!!!


Draconic artwork is especially beautiful :star_struck: Thank your for taking us in this journey through the chakras, this is a very eclectic and creative deck. I like it!!


I found this message to be quite informative :blush: love the dragons too @Kasandra . All in all you did a great job. Thanks for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m with @Christina4- I think using the oracle cards to read your chakras is a wonderful idea, @Kasandra ! :star_struck: It looks like some carried straight forward meanings while others sparked some deeper thought and reflection. I’m glad you had a successful reading and walked away guided by the wisdom of the dragons! :dragon_face: :sparkles:

And such beautiful and colorful cards as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This was a wonderful entry to this week’s challenge- bravo, Kasandra, really great job! :raised_hands: