My weightloss progress

Hi everyone, its been a little while since i haven’t been able to come and chat, but my absence hasn’t been due to laziness and in fact quiet the opposite. So i wanted to give an update on my weight loss journey. Since the 28/11/21 as some of you know i had started Duromine to assist me with my appetite and i put my foot down and said that’s it i want to loose weight. So i have been on a strict diet plan (of my own), and hitting the gym twice a day everyday in addition to 1 hr walks in total to get the kids from school during the week and 1 1/2 hr walks on the weekends on the treadmill.
Anyways, today is the 22/11/21 and i am down from 113kg (249lbs) to 98kg (216lbs). So that means i have lost 15kg (33lbs) in 25days. it has been going well but in the last few days my weight loss has been stuck on 98kg and my class trainer thinks i should mix up my diet a bit more but not the calories.
To me this is a small achievement however i still have 23kg (50lbs) to go and i hope to loose it over the next few months.


It’s so nice to hear from you with an update. Please don’t get discouraged, you are doing a great job & have made some awesome progress. It’s definitely quite the achievement! :hugs:

I hope you have continued success. Maybe it’s your bodies way of telling you that your systems just need to catch up with the new changes with the weight loss. (I am no kind of nutritionist or medical professional, I feel like your body is adjusting though & then will resume with weight loss as you change up the diet a little)

Great job! :blush: I’m happy for you :blush:


Hunni you are doing an amazing job! Please don’t be discouraged. There are bumps in the road and progress stalls in every weight loss journey. You should be proud of how far you’ve come and the weight that you have lost in a healthy way! Keep up what you’re doing hun. You will get exactly where you want to be. I’m so proud of you!

I’m really hoping that my weight will start to stabilise now and it will start going back down to normal now that I finally have been allowed to come of the steroids that were managing a flare of my Lupus. My Lupus flares I lose weight fast - but not in a healthy and managed way like you’re doing, I take the steroids to control my Lupus and it’s really hard to not gain weight. So I completely understand the frustrations and doubting days hun, I really do.

But please be SO proud of your progress you have come so far. And not just in your weight loss journey, your confidence as a young, marred mum has just seemed to blossom. I am so proud of you! I


That’s amazing! It takes a lot of dedication to continue but it must feel great to see the results from all your hard work! Good luck and keep at it, it will happen for you:)


Very far distances can be covered by small steps along the way- the most important thing is that you are making progress towards your goal, @TheMuslimWitch! I’m really happy for you and am cheering you on in your quest to good health :blush: Good luck and blessed be! :heart:


That’s amazing progress! Don’t give up, especially when the tough gets going. I see weight loss like taking medication. If you have been taking it for a while and feel you don’t need it anymore, that might be the time you need it most! Keep at it!
I wish I kept up with my exercise. I can’t get to a gym, so I sometimes do pilates and I walk everyday (about 3miles). I still walk every other daybut I’m not seeing any improvements.


Thank you @jessica72 @Siofra @christine13 @christina4 @TheTravelWitch I really appreciate all your support. It does get hard but my eyes are set on that 75kg prize and at the moment there is nothing that will make me change my mind. I have been through a lot of pain literally where i couldn’t walk and some nights staying up doing a last minute essay before the due date also didn’t help with sleep, but learned when my body says its tired i take a little rest whether that mean i do more the next day when i feel a little better or i go to a second afternoon class so i can catch up on some zzzz. I also learned when i feel dizzy or weak i need to eat a little more like a banana or tea with a biscuit.
Amazingly i have not craved sugar much or coffee as i was a hardcore coffee addict like 3+ coffees a day and going cold turkey on coffee and soda was not so bad.
Finally, after the 3 days of my weight not budging it went down 0.9kgs so i am at the moment 97.8kg as of yesterday… :wink: only 22kg more to go :grimacing: :persevere:


Just another update, i am currently 95kg. When i get to my goal i will post a before and after pic for comparison


Keep up the good work hunni! You’re doing so well.


Thank you. I wont lie it is hard but like they say no pain no gain…