Mystery Box From Wisconsin Witchings

I am so excited!! Almost a month ago I ordered a mystery box from an etsy shop called Wisconsin Witchings. I knew beforehand it could take up to a month before my box ships because she makes each box as the customer orders it. It is personalized/ intuitively selected just for you. There is a space for you to provide information such as allergies, if you have pets in the house, any specific requests, etc. The items can include altar tools, herbs, crystals, teas; pretty much anything that she feels called to include. There are three themes: Woodland Apothecary, Sea Witch, and Cottage Coven. You can also select “No preference” and let her and whatever. The 10x7x5 box is $65 (on sale for $58.50) and the 6x4x3 box is $31 (on sale for $27.90).

Back to my box. I selected the 10x7x5 Woodland Apothecary box. I gave her a run down of allergies, what altar tools I already have that I won’t replace, and deities I work with. I can’t believe what is included!

  • Vintage heavy frame with black mirror for scrying plus instructions
  • A vertebrae and two smaller bones
  • Casting charms and instructions
  • A carved wooden box with runes (charging and cleansing) on the bottom
  • A handmade suncatcher charmed for protection (glass, labradorite, and black onyx)
  • A handmade bracelet charmed for confidence (glass, citrine, and pearl)
  • A custom blend tea and reusable tea bags
  • Four crystals: green calcite, zebra calcite, blue aventurine, and tree agate
  • Protection roller: grapeseed infused w/herbs & fragrance; sleep, dreams, protection during the night/sleeping, psychic protection and communication, and spirit guide connection
  • Bagged and labeled herbs: Horsetail, burdock root, and happiness herbal salt blend
  • Rose & Musk incense cones

Mystery Box3

What amazed me the most was really how intuitive this selection was. I have been needing help with my confidence. I have been tossing around the idea of looking into both scrying and casting. And I have been in need to redo my protections around my house. This box was exactly what I was needing! I am already thinking about ordering another one next payday, lol. Just need to decide what theme I want next. :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


Wonderful treasures and I’m sure that whatever you are called to will be great.


Thank you for sharing! I may try it myself.


It is so worth the wait for her to pick items specifically for you. As I opened everything I immediately felt a connection to everything.

@Garnet Thank you!! I’ve always had interest in divination and have been thinking about trying my hand at some alternative ways other than tarot and pendulum. The items included are a great push for me to start.


I need to get back to my divination practices of some kind… I haven’t used my cards or pendulums in such a long time. I just recently started to do 3 card clarity draws or regular 1 card draws with my tarot cards. It kind of took a backseat, but now so many things have happened & changed that I may have to pull out a pendulum & cloth to see what may be waiting for me :thinking:

I like the idea of letting her choose intuitively & being able to give her some information about tools, allergies, & things of that nature. I’ll have to check it out too!


OOh, that looks so neat! You lucky witch you!


Look at all those treasures! :heart_eyes: You lucked out with this one @Amaris_Bane- what a great find! It sounds like the shopkeeper’s intuition was pretty spot on and you got exactly what you needed :sparkles:

These are such great themes?! I don’t think I’d be able to pick just one either lol- thank goodness for the option to let her intuition guide what is best for you! :+1: :heart:

Forgive me for being such an enabler, but if you do decide to treat yourself to another box please know that I am waiting on the edge of my seat to hear what other treasures you get :joy::+1:

Blessed be!


What are friends for if not to be enablers and get us into trouble!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Today is payday I’m paying bills and seeing what I have left in my fun account. I’m treating myself to a spa afternoon next week so have to keep that in mind.


This is amazing and so much fun! Thank you for sharing!!


wow this is awesome… great way to get excited about jumping back into practice. I love this idea. I may have to get me one. Thanks for sharing


Couldn’t have said it better myself! :joy::+1: :heart: I hope you found yourself with plenty left in your “fun account” (I love that!) and that you have an awesome time at the spa! :person_in_steamy_room: :sparkles: Enjoy~! :two_hearts:


I did although now I have to cancel because my husband has COVID and I’ve been exposed. :disappointed: :disappointed: :sob: :sob:


Oh noooo! I’m so sorry your hubby got it, Amaris- I hope he’s able to get lots of rest and recover asap! :pray::heart: And of course I’m saying my prayers that you’re able to stay safe too- I know it’s tough to care for a sick loved one while also juggling your own health and safety. Sending love and light to both of you! :candle::two_hearts:


This looks like such an amazing box! I love that the creator of the box chose things for you intuitively rather than picking from a random selection of items. It feels more personal that way.

I’m sorry you had to cancel your spa trip :heart: but I hope your husband recovers from covid quickly and easily!


Thank you @TheTravelWitch_Bry and @MeganB. He his more irritated than anything. He has a slight fever (hovering around 100F) and a cough. He was supposed to get his booster last month but didn’t. I am drowning myself in water, vitamin C, and all the herbal remedies to boost my immune system, lol. It is difficult to keep myself quartenteed from him in the RV so I’m acting like I have it and not going out in public if I can avoid it.


Just amazing… I might go any get one i have be undecided about doing so.


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