Need help identifying crystals. Again

Hello all! I completely forgot about my trip last week to a local metaphysical shop I found near me recently. I purchased some sulfur quartz to complete a full moon crystal grid and picked up 4 pendants as well. I know for sure one and I think I’ve identified another two but have no clue on the last one. Any help would be appreciated! If you want additional photos just let me know.

Amethyst stone that I was immediately drawn to and put on a purple cord/ribbon combo I had already.

I think this is a honey amber. I honestly just liked the heart shape, lol.

I think this is anyolite. If I’m correct, then this was definitely my spirit guides doing! Anyolite is great for depression, enhancing psychic abilities, and assisting with spiritual learning.

And here is the one I’m stumped on. Any ideas?


#1 Amethyst or it could possibly be purple fluorite (sorry, you knew this was amethyst 🤦)
#2 could be honey calcite
#3 most likely amber
#4 ruby zoisite
#5 petrified wood or chrysoberyl

Come on @missa help us out!! :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @christina4, I don’t mind being wrong lol, it’s the only way to learn! I have some tumbled purple flourite that I can compare it to and see.

#2 & #3 are the same pendant, just different angles. I didn’t even think about honey calcite but I’m still leaning towards amber because of the second picture.

I looked up ruby zoisite and it is the official term for anyolite. Apparently anyolite is not an officially accepted term and is thought to have originated from the Maasai word anyoli meaning green. I love learning new things!!

Thanks for the suggestions on the last one. I’ll look those up and compare.


I had no idea about this! Like I always say, you learn something new everyday!

  1. Amber (is it light weight? This is an article on how you can tell if its real amber! How to Tell If Your Amber Piece Is Real or Fake)
  2. Yes! Anyolite AKA Ruby Zoisite
  3. Hmm another tricky one. Can you take additional pictures of the side and back?

@Missa I’ll take some when I get back home and will check on the amber too


Sorry, I got home late so I waited until this morning to take additional pictures.

As for the heart-shaped pendant, it is pretty light. After reading that article you shared, I rubbed it in my palm and it seemed to have a pine smell to it. I’m going to have my husband test it without telling him and see if he smells it too.


It’s definitely tumbled petrified wood!! I have one the same way…

It’s not to say it’s not something else. It just reminded me of mine.
Hmm, does it have any flash when looking at this in the light? Then it’s definitely something completely different. A feldspar of some sort.


No worries! Man i’m not 100% certain but i’m going to say Green Aragonite, Green Onyx, or Petrified Wood.