Need some real positive thoughts for my Husband

Today my husband was diagnosed with severe emphysema and nodules on both lower portions of his lungs. He is 72. He made a joke, “well I thought you were the sick one, looks like I will go before you.” I knew he was sick, I could hear it all. We have all of our last wishes in order, but still is gonna be hard when he goes. He could still live another 10 yrs, who knows? I am getting a little afraid, not of living alone, but making it financially on my own… scared to lose the house, not sure what to do, my SS does not cover all. I guess I will cross that road when I get to it, but all of then threw me into a little downward spiral…need some good mojo sent our way to handle all. Getting old is not for whimps for sure.

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Gosh, I’m so sorry :worried:

So many don’t acknowledge that while many blessings come with being gifted, so does some not so many positive things. Hearing a sickness is something I haven’t experienced myself. I can’t imagine how you’ve had to endure through the motions.

I am sending you not just positive vibes, but that also of healing, persistence, trust in faith, and more!

Yes the day will come, but his spirit will remain and go on a journey we will all embark on one day!


@roxanne So sorry to hear your husband is sick… I think it’s good that you get this off your chest. Talk plenty to your friends, family… a therapist works too if you have one. Whoever it is, let it all off your chest. And then spend time with your husband.

I’m sure he could still live another 10 years. My grandfather was a heavy smoker, had his first heart failure at 38 and received all sorts of bad news over and over. Now after 2 coronary bypasses, 3 stents, being diabetic, anemic and 86 years old he’s still kicking, nobody knows how…!

But above all, remember that you have an abounding amount of positive vibes all around you, in you, and always coming at you. You are never never devoid of it. Ever! May the Lord and Lady bless you both. :pray: :pray: