Need your opinion - Tarot

Good morning!

Durning my morning ritual, Aphrodite had me pull an additional two cards as a message she wanted to convey today. I pulled the 5 of wands and 10 of cups. I pulled the Queen of wands as a clarifying card.

I’m really confused on what she’s trying to tell me. My normal morning reading was very positive, encouraging me to stay my path and continue to work hard on my projects.

I would appreciate any input you may have!!


Good morning Jessica :hearts:

Wands tend to correspond with passion, inspiration, and danger and govern things like your career or projects you’re working on. The Five of Wands is about conflict, but remember that not all conflict is bad. It could very well be arguments and people butting heads, but it could also be about competition, whether friendly or not.

The Queen of Wands usually represents a person or situation that is strong and inspirational. If it’s a person, this person usually has a strong sense of self and is known to encourage others to just do the thing.

The Ten of Cups is my happy home, happy life card. It encompasses all things joy, happiness, and love in the home.

Just by looking at this, it could be that the Queen of Wands is representative of either yourself, someone close to you, or even Aphrodite Herself. Only you will know that as I don’t know the situation or your relationship with Herself.

One tip I have here to figure out how these cards work together is to look at how the cards are facing. The people being defensive in the 5 of Wands seem to be protecting the Queen of Wands while the people in the Ten of Cups look over the Queen of Wands.

I hope this is helpful. It’s difficult for someone on the outside to interpret messages from Deity through tarot, so keep that in mind :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @MeganB, I do look at how characters/people on cards are facing but never thought to look at it in relation to the other cards! I’m going to start using this in my readings. I see the Queen as looking at me as if directing her message to me in the present. The 10 of cups appears to be looking backwards but also at their child. I see this as them looking at how their past got them to the present, not a longing for the past. With the 5 of wands, they are all focused on each other and not paying attention to anything else. So they are missing what is really going on because they are wrapped up in their conflict.

I know it is difficult for outsiders to interpret messages from deities. I’m more looking for alternative meanings/readings of the cards that I may be overlooking. I pulled the 5 wands and 10 cups first. So my first reaction was I have conflict ahead (whether positive or negative) but I also have harmony and alignment, which is why I was confused as these seem to be opposites. I then pulled the clarifier Queen of Wands. I do think this is Aphrodite telling me to just do the thing but again, I’m confused on what that thing is supposed to be, lol.

Thank you for your help! I hope you are recovering well. I’ll continue to send healing energy your way.


Happy to help, even if it doesn’t make sense :laughing: and thank you! I’m doing well, just taking it bit by bit and resting up! I hope the reading ends up making sense for you soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My mom actually had a good insight for this. For my normal reading, the message was I need to work on decluttering and purging things that no longer have a purpose in my life. She suggested that the 5 of wands could be me subconsciously resisting this purging. It makes perfect sense because I’m a pack rat like my dad!! But if I don’t give in to the resistance and continue with the purge, it will lead to a happy home.

I’m glad to hear that you are doing well! Rest is always key but seems to be the hardest for us to follow.


To reach a state of happy and harmonic life, you must face your own deamons. Worrying what is going to happen can create confusion and disharmony. Is there something bothering you at this present moment. I thing the Five of Wands represent your many faces and situations that seems to be overwhelming, but not chaotic. The Queen of Wands represents confidence, independence, and determination. It is time to trust you own path and embrace the many challenges you face. They are there to help you reach your purpose in life. Embrace the divine harmony that Aphrodite is giving you through your own encouragement and compassion. I am sorry if I overstep any boundaries with my interpretation. Thank you again.


No overstepping! I love this interpretation. I am a natural worrier. I just quit my job to start my own consulting business and have been stressed about if I made the right choice. I think this fits quite well! It seems Aphrodite is telling me I’m on the right path and I need to gain confidence in myself that I’m on the to get through this internal struggle.