New Crystals Arrived

Yesterday I received my package of new crystals, I will share some of them below. I purchased them from a vendor on Etsy and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for crystals. Each crystal was wrapped individually with a hand written label naming each crystal. Mine also included a letter (also hand written) that described each crystal. It was really fun to open each one and read about it while holding them. I think I got more than my monies worth. If anyone is interested I will share the link to their site below.

Stone Dragon Valley

Here are a few of the crystals I received. Blessed be.

Green calcite with snow cap. This one feels amazing when you hold it.

Black Amber. I really like how the light shines through it.

Tangerine Quartz

Tourmaline and Tiger’s Eye, both are in natural state and not tumbled.

And one of my favorites is a large Amethyst crystal.

I hope everyone has an amazing day. Blessed be.


Those are awesome! Especially that black amber when the light goes through it! Happy day!


Gorgeous crystals! They are a great addition to your collection! :heart:


Your crystal babies are lovely @Saulamay. I can imagine how excited you are.


That amethyst looks laaaaarge :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

I love how colorful your collection is! I’d love to see them arranged all together!


Aw, precious little beauties!!!