New here, practitioner of almost all kind of systems

My name is Pedro, consider by some as a eclectic witch or a chaoist. This because I blend into my Magick different systems and beliefs, light or dark in order to fulfill the job at hand. A Technomancer or techno witch as some call it, I love technology and the energy in it.
Into mediumship and all related on working with Spirits and energies.
Goddess I have worked the most? It’ll be with Hekate.
Matron: Marie Laveau.
Other Deities or Spirits: King Paimon, Lucifuge Rofocale, Lilith, Pazuzu and Rosier.


Warm greetings to you, @pedros10! :wave:

It sounds like you have found your own special blend of magick to forge a path all your own- that’s wonderful! Technomancing sounds fascinating :star_struck: I would love to learn more if you are willing to share your knowledge! :books:

Feel free to make yourself at home in the forums! There are always ongoing Activities that you are warmly invited to jump in on. If you have any questions while exploring around, don’t hesitate to reach out! There are many witches here happy to help and eager to learn alongside one another :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It is pleasure to meet you! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Merry Meet @pedros10! And Welcome.
Hekate is a honored deity for me as well. As @TheTravelWitch mentioned Technomancing sounds fascinating.
Looking forward to learning more about it.
So glad to meet you and Blessed Be.


Hi @pedros10! I’m Kasie, from West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! Technomancy does sound interesting, I’ve always thought of the computer as Athena’s and Mercury’s domain myself. Knowledge and speed and messages. But that’s just me. Hope to chat with you more soon!


Welcome abroad, Pedro! :vulcan_salute: You sound like a real Chaoist indeed!

And it is a great pleasure to have another techno witch in the Forum! Personally I predict that technology is going to reach a point where we’ll be constantly switching through parallel realities, each with different rules, different physics and ways of engaging.

"Since the industrial era, many people have tried to give technology a spiritual application, from radiomancy, to taking photographs of ectoplasm, to monitoring Thetans with an E-meter.

For the Witch, tools that have an affinity with nature :leaves: have traditionally been employed in spell-working.

However, in the opening years of the new millennium a multitude of authors popularised the notion of ‘urban paganism’ by engaging aspects of the concrete jungle :iphone: with the magical discourse of Witchcraft.

By embracing their modern surrounds, the Technopagan can update the ‘Old Religion’, and accept the abundance and convenience of technological inventions as both metaphors and devices for craft work."

From Deus Ex Machina? Witchcraft and the Techno-World


Hi @pedros10, I am Krissie and it’s nice to meet you. I work with Brigid mostly and she has done so much good for me since I started. I’m from Cape Cod and I don’t really have a witchy label that I feel fits with my craft. I know a lot of people do, but I stick with empathetic because I am an empath and that covers a lot of what I do with and without my craft.

I look forward to speaking with you more in the forums! Blessed Be! :star2:


Thanx to all for the welcome, sorry for my delayed response. Couldn’t write anything for being new according to a message from the page, had to wait quite long to make comments.


Welcome @pedros10 it is nice to meet you! I am Berta from Ohio.

“Technomancer or techno witch”

Lol I am already glazing over… I think technology is fascinating and in many ways IT IS MAGIC to me. I know only what I learned from my son and the one class I took at a community college. I will look forward to whatever you feel led to share. Glad you chose to join Spells8.


@Francisco thank you so much, also to the others by welcoming me. Also thanks for sharing the PDF.