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Hello, my name is Jennifer (Jen) and I am new to the Forum, from the USA. I have started my witchcraft path just recently, well actually, I had a soul memory a few months ago of being a witch in a past life(s). I felt the pull to reawaken my magick. Synchronicities are seriously no joke. I was lead to spells8 and I LOVE all the information that is available on here and the classes!! I have been on here for a few weeks learning and was prompted to join the forum. I look forward to getting to know everyone and growing/remembering my craft :smile:


@jennifer59 welcome. I’m crystal from Ohio. This place is great and the ppl are even better. Look forward to chatting soon


Hi Crystal. Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m from Maryland. Looking forward the connection with like minded souls because I don’t really have that where I am.


Hi @jennifer59! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots: You’ll be glad you joined, we have activities and things going on here that’s not available to people who haven’t joined. Like the Group Ritual, which is today. We get together in the Sacred Space area of the forum and have a cup of tea and a bit of meditation and talk. It’s really fun, join us today if you like!

If you have any questions just ask and someone will help you out. I look forward to getting to know you!


@jennifer59 your welcome. We are happy to have you here


Oh that’s awesome! Unfortunately I have prior engagements this evening. If by chance I can make it what time is it? I’m on the East Coast. Or after I finish posting this I’ll see if I can find out what time it is.

Yeah I don’t believe in religion and those who do that’s amazing. Though it’s not for me but I do believe in Father Mother God Creator of all that is. I do also believe in other Deities. I did perform my first official ritual as a new practicing Pagan witch last night. It was from one of the classes I’ve took from spells8 or it was a suggested ritual or something. I cannot recall the name of it at the moment but I successfully completed it and the energies were intense. I am an empath so it was especially lovely and I cannot wait to practice more every single day.

Even though I am new to witchcraft (in this lifetime). I did have a soul memory a few months ago of a past life(s) as a witch and then I got this overwhelming sense of need to re-awaken my witchcraft. Because your soul remembers everything right. I have felt like I was missing something in my life, that feeling in the background, and now I don’t have that feeling anymore. I have found (remembered) what I have been searching for for a long time…to remember my witchcraft. I’m super excited that I came across spells8. It’s unbelievable on how much information is on there.


You can do the group ritual any time on Thursdays. There is a Zoom meeting but not many of us can make it to that so we just do our little meditation any time on Thursdays and post about it. So there’s no pressure, just a cup of tea.

Congratulations on your first ritual!


Hello my pretty, Jennifer Hello
My name is Jeannie
This is a great time to come to the forum here is a link to this coming week information to help you navigate the forum!
It’s nice that you have information about your past life, for me this is not a easy task. Very well I have to say! Witchcraft has helped me with self care and loving myself again!
It’s good to be able to share it with others!
Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! Sep 20 :corn:
Blessed be✨


Welcome and I am glad to hear you are enjoying it so far. My name is Khadija btw and I a, also new to witchcraft and am loving it to the point I eat, sleep and breathe Wicca and witchcraft (if that makes sense).


Merry meet @jennifer59! :heart:

Welcome to the forum- that is wonderful that you answered the call to reawaken your magick. It sounds like you are already blossoming into a very talented witch in this lifetime as well! :blush:

May I ask if there are any aspects in particular that call out to you? I know there are a lot (and that it can be hard to pick just a few to focus on! :laughing:). Any time you have something you are focusing on- whether its a topic, a project or spell- feel free to share it with the coven! There are many friendly folks here who love to learn and chat about witchy wonders :books::two_hearts:

Looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkles:


Welcome! I’m Christina and I’m from New York. I strongly believe in synchronicities as well! I’ve had many happen in my journey. I’m glad that yours led you here. I also believe that every soul meets for a purpose! Hope to see you around!
Blessed be :pray:


Hiya! Yes you HAVE to pay attention to the signs and patterns. For those who are not telepathic/clairvoyant, etc signs and patterns could be the only way for the Otherside to speak to people. But also because one is not listening and the Otherside will go ok fine lets smack them in the face with it with a sign/pattern LOL.

Not just signs and patterns… you could ask a question or need guidance and you just happen to walk by someone talking to someone else and gives the answer you needed or what have you. One needs to pay attention to that. The Universe works in mysterious ways :):wink: I totally believe in all that and that’s actually happened to me several times.

When i need confirmation on something because i am not totally trusting my intuition or telepathic answer thinking that was just the answer “i” wanted (i know i know… i need to trust in myself more and i am working on that), i’ll usually ask a yes or no question and say i want to see, hear or read the word…blah blah whatever it is… i generally select an off the wall no way in hell would that word/thing come up in my daily life so i have to accept it as confirmation kinda thing. Anyway, so i’ll say i want to see, hear or read the word kangaroo or something by such and such time on such and such day if i should do…blah blah blah thing i want confirmation on. I usually give it a few days for the due date and time because you know the Universe needs time to work that out. If i do not get my sign by then, then i know the answer is no.

And I agree, I totally believe people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes they stay and sometimes they dont. It could be a soul contract that you needed to help them with something and then they leave your life, or part of their soul contract to help you with your lesson you needed to learn.

I hope you have a blessed day and I look forward to speaking with you again. As you can see I like to talk LOL


Talking is fine! You get to know people by talking and I’ve learned that I have looked for signs the same way you have …by others walking by conversating or wanting to see a certain word pop up :sweat_smile:


Good morning! I’m Phoenix from Alabama. I am an eclectic as well as a empath. I’m the mother to a 13 year old witching, a 2 year old son born sleeping and I have a daughter due February 11.i joined the coven 6 months ago give or take a week or two and have learned so much from the extremely gifted witches here and gained a family in the process. Welcome to the family, doll. Blessed be


Hi there! Well when I had my soul memory I saw myself in an open field in front of a large stone pillar altar facing trees with my hands up in the air and a crap ton of energy coming off me, it felt like earth magick to me. I felt the connection I had to my magick in that life time, I felt the connection to everything I had. And that’s what I want to get back.

Yes I am an empath and I’m sensitive to energies/spirits/beings/places/peoples thoughts & their feelings. But because I did not realize until my 20s that i was an empath and that I was absorbing another peoples crap and thinking it was my stuff, it caused me to become depressed because I took on their stuff. When i found that out that pissed me off soo much. So I started working on protecting myself and shielding myself. Though you cannot fully block it when your an empath because that defeats the purpose of being an empath but you can have it so where you are not consumed by it or at least become more aware of the change in your energy/attitude/thinking and cleanse if from you quickly. But I got so sick of not being able to be in my own skin and mind BY MYSELF that i kinda closed myself off from the world and connecting.

I am so much better about it now but I am finding that there aren’t a lot of people like me or my way of thinking (meaning the spiritual side, the Universe, Guides, ETs, Gods/Goddess, Earthbound Spirits, the other side etc.) and that in of itself is frustrating because I wasn’t getting the support and connection and understanding that I needed. So when I felt that insanely intense connection from my soul memory… i was like YES please give me that again!! And since i started on this path I do not feel that lonely alone feeling. Yes I’ve always known my angels and guides were there with me but there was still something missing and i could never figure out what that was until a few months ago. Took me long enough…geesh LOL.

I guess you can say I have been a practicing witch for years without even realizing it. Because magick is energy and all about intention right? So i’ve been manifesting, saying prayers, channeling, connecting with energies, having insanely intense universal energy downloads for the planet, etc for a while now.

Now I get to strengthen all that plus learn about other Deities and having a connection there if its a good fit between them and myself. Working with more spiritual tools then i was before (which was candles,sage,crystals), and learning about the properties and energies of herbs and how to use them, doing actual spells and more involved rituals, celebrating the Sabbats/Esbats. SOOOO much to learn and I have to remind myself that I am only one person and that I do NOT have to do it all right now. That its ok to take things slowly and practice truly. To tell myself that I am not letting my Goddess (The Morrigan, who I’ve felt drawn to learn and build a relationship with these past few months). Though The Morrigan isn’t the only one I’ve felt drawn to but is the one that I would say I feel more demanded to learn about before the others, if you will. She has spoken with me a few times and I feel her presence a lot, and she has given me some pretty shocking (breathtaking/amazing) validations/confirmations/signs… I am looking forward to working with her more and building that relationship with her. I have made a temporary contract with her to see if it is a good fit between us. I have set boundaries in my temporary contract and she seems to have accepted them since she’s still providing me with signs and I still feel her energies. But I respect her immensely!

So to answer your question (I like to talk a lot LOL, as you can see), I cannot say that there is a particular aspect calling to me other then to better myself, connect more with myself, use the energies i feel all the time, connect more with the elements and the moon and of course my mother earth :revolving_hearts:

I am not looking to do anything that effects someone else free will nor their path. I have no interest in that what so ever. Because we are all here for a reason and a purpose…we are all here to learn the lessons our soul contracted, prior to being born, to learn/experience in this life time. Now if someone asks for my assistance of course I’ll help because that’s just who i am…as long as it does not interfere with my boundaries and what i’m willing to do.

I look forward to getting to know everyone and being a part of this coven. I am looking for an equal give and take connection in a safe place of like minded souls. It’s important to have that.

Ok so since i’ve written a book here, since i am pretty much an open book… haha like that pun i just did LOL.

I’ll ask you the same question what aspects of witchcraft call to you?

I look forward to chatting with you more too!! Blessed be!


I appreciate that! :heartpulse:


Hello I’m Pedro from Puerto Rico, I’m glad that you were led to The Infinite Root Coven. In which you’ll continue developing, what you left from your past life.


Ok I am getting use to how the posting goes in here, so please bare with me if i’ve already answered you.

Thank you for the update on the group ritual and how it works. That sounds amazing and i look forward to checking it out. And YUM tea. I have be getting soo much teas in my spiritual/witch subscription boxes lately. I definitely need to start drinking it more.

Thanks it was pretty awesome ritual, though i have had experiences exactly like that a lot before but that was the first time doing it as confirming myself as a witch :wink: and doing it in a more ritualistic way than I usually did before. Totally awesome and exciting! I felt that it meant more doing it in a more structured way. Blessed Be!


There have been times that I just end up laughing because I wasn’t expecting to get my confirmation from the person it came from and it was just an off the wall word and the way it gets delivered to me. It just gives me the warm and fuzzies that I cannot help but laugh in amazement.


Hi Khadija, that makes total sense! Me too and I have to keep reminding myself to relax and do not feel overwhelmed that you have to do it all and learn it all right now. But it’s so hard because there is SO much to learn and practice and it’s just so exciting!