New Moon Doings 🌚

The New Moon energy today is simply glorious :slight_smile: What do you have planned for today? Some ideas from my Sirius Joy account

“The Sun and Moon conjoin at 12º Pisces for The New Moon! This is a beautiful New Moon for spiritual inquiry. Writing down questions for Mother/Father God/Universe/Great Spirit can yield great shifts in your self knowledge. After your write any questions down, pray for the answers in your meditations. Open your eyes and write down the answers! Bless your answers with your intentions. If you have a fountain, creek or ocean nearby to assist in your flow, so much the better! Water is a conduit and can assist greatly in this New Moon Ceremony. You are loved!”


I’m thinking about doing This meditation on the Goddess awakening. A few days late but it’s lovely outside and you can tell Gaia is starting to wake up and it’s nice!


I have spent today with Brighid :triskele: & cleansed my home with sage & started up my diffusers with Ostara blends :bouquet: & a Eucalyptus :herb: blend for the living room.

Unfortunately I had to take down my bird feeder because a squirrel has figured out how to get to the feeder :bird: Well, on it. So I shook it on the ground & will figure something out. I love :heart: watching the birds.

I’m having a very calm & relaxed night where I’m focusing on things that make me smile :smile: or feel happy & how to incorporate them through my day when negative thoughts creep in there. My Journaling :pen: has gotten much better through this part.


Glad to hear you’ve had a good day! Except for those darn squirrels. LOL. Ever thought about greasing the pole the bird feeder is on? It may not work for long, but it should make for some fun entertainment in the short term!


I love the idea of using water! I have a fountain and a “water feature” with chimes, but I never thought of using them that way.

@Siofra, in reading about Brighid today, I came across a passage about something “buried as an offering at the joining of three streams” * which is very interesting to me because I left an offerring for Hekate at such a place. I don’t generally work with Brighid, but gave her her due for Imbolc, and have been reading about her. I do work with Danu, who by some readings is Brighid’s “grandmother.”

Anyway I just wanted to share that. I hope your calm and relaxed day spills over into the rest of the week!

*Excerpt From: “Pagan Portals - Brigid: Meeting The Celtic Goddess Of Poetry, Forge, And Healing Well” by Morgan Daimler. Scribd.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Read this book on Scribd: Pagan Portals - Brigid by Morgan Daimler - Ebook | Scribd


Oh, Brighid is related to Danu whether it’s grandmother or mother is a different thing altogether because Brighid is also referenced as being related to the Morrigan either as a sister or daughter. The Morrigan also descends from Danu.

I know the story that you are speaking of, I have read several books & Celtic stories that have references to the Tuatha de Danaan, Brighid, Danu, & the Morrigan. & I absolutely love Pagan Portals & Morgan Daimler so that is definitely going on the to-read list. I like to read about Celtic Paganism, Mythology stories, Pantheons, Druidry, Ogham. I’ve put Celtic studies on hold while I work on the Rune posts. I needed a break from the deep dive & rabbit holes I wound up in :joy:

I read the Pagan Portals series on Brighid & there are several other posts beside the Tending the Flame daily post:

St. Brigid :fire: Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know

Pledges to Brigid :books:


Lovely meditation for this evening…


I liked that video. I have never seen that particular one before. Thank you for sharing it with us! :two_hearts:


I ended up feeling not that great last night (thinking an allergic reaction to the smell of my dry shampoo…ugh) so I just did a small something and went to sleep. I have more plans today, though, so hopefully that’ll get taken care of if everything goes well!


Hope you feel better, @MeganB!


@MeganB I have been through that before, allergic to something like that… it’s more of a nuisance when it’s that kind of a reaction. Hopefully, it clears up once it’s completely out of there.

During the time of the Dark Moon I have felt very drawn to using sage during any ritual, devotional, I cleansed my house & other items with it. I think some things are clearing up for me. Phew! :sweat_smile:


@Amethyst I’m finally starting to feel better, thank you :heart:

I was able to sit down and do my March tarot reading, finally :laughing: And I also am doing a little witchy experiment that I may end up writing about sometime soon depending on how it goes. It involves the New Moon but I don’t want to give too much away lol I still need to do a good house cleansing but I think I’ll do that this weekend.


Sounds like you’re busy, don’t do too much else you’ll make yourself sick again!