New Moon Energy

The New Moon in Capricorn TODAY - January 12, 2021 is here to help you solidify your intentions, goals and plans to make 2021 your most magickal year yet! We could all use a little magick right about now don’t you think?!

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, which means that it excels when it comes to setting intentions related to material gain and professional success.

Things like money, work, and practical long-term goals should be your focus with this energy. Don’t expect instant gratification though! Capricorn energy isn’t about taking shortcuts. Instead, this energy asks us to take a well-planned and more solidly guaranteed route toward our goals and desires.

Reminder - we are still in the dead of winter (us over here in New Hampshire anyway!) and we should not forget this is a time for rejuvenating and nurturing ourselves. So take advantage of this time and try to rest as much as possible. Lots of self-care!

Ask yourself these questions.

What are you calling into your life right now? What are your main desires that you wish to manifest for 2021? Be very clear & very specific; the more details you have with these answers, the better you will be able to align your life with these desires and goals.

Your Why: Use an Emotional Attachment!

When you can tap into your why, this is where the real powerful manifestation magick lies. WHY do want these things in your life? What will they bring you? What will it mean to you if these things happen? If there is no emotional investment in your answers, you will more than likely be met with failure.

What will your life look like, and feel like, when your receive these things in your life?

Set Real and Obtainable Goals!

Be realistic when you answer these questions…the whole “new year, new you” vibe can sometimes make us a little overzealous and unfortunately that is when most of us fail, because we create these unrealistic goals which only end with failure and disappointment. So, make sure you are setting yourself up with realistic goals so that you may celebrate your successes!

Example of an unrealistic goal: I want to lose 60 pounds in 1 weeks. THAT is an unrealistic goal. It’s physically impossible for one…and all you will do is feel defeated when it doesn’t happen. So be real with yourself when tapping into those goals. PLUS it is written in the future tense. “I want” implies it hasn’t happened - and you want to write things like it IS happening already.

Law of attraction!

“It is easy for me to lose weight and improve my health.”

“I love, accept and care for myself no matter what I look like.”

“I am improving my physical health every day, and I can see it in my body.”


Set your calendar - January’s full Wolf Moon reaches peak illumination on Thursday, January 28, at 2:18 P.M.EST . :full_moon:


thank you so much! I am definitely going to do this for the New Moon! I am excited for the full moon this month too. Part of my New Year intentions was to do one witchy thing a day and then add a thing each month until I have a good routine. So far, so good!


Happy New Moon in Capricorn! :new_moon::capricorn: A great time to reflect on New Years’ resolutions and how things are looking for the year ahead :eyes: Thanks for the helpful guidance, @Silverbear!

And also thanks for the reminder about the upcoming Wolf Moon! :wolf::full_moon:


Thank you, I need this today. I think the physical therapist will be calling today and I’ll be starting. I need to attract this affirmation!


Love this thanks for the share!