New Moon in Aries 11th April 2021 - Fancy joining me in a little challenge?

I’m so gutted I don’t have the time for a full post on this new moon as its such a special one!! The first new moon of the new astrological year is here, and it’s huge. Don’t miss the potential :sparkles::heart_eyes:

Be sure to check out this link:

How about a little self improvement challenge?

Goal Setting

Tonight I am going to journal in detail, using a technique called Scripting, about a goal I wish to acheive this year. Then, throughout the cycles this year, I intend to continue to manifest and reflect on the progress of this goal. During the Full Moon in Aries (October 2021) about midway through the zodiac year, I plan on sharing with you the progress of my goal so far and then hopefully again at the end of the zodiac year.

I would love it if some of you would join me, if you’re interested :blush:

You don’t have to share the nature of the goal if that’s too personal. I just think it would be nice to support eachother along in the progress of achieving something important to us this year :heart:

Catch up with you all soon :kissing_heart:

Merry Manifesting :tada:


Here’s more info on the Scripting technique I mentioned I will be doing above.

These are pictures from a mansifestion journal called Manifest That Sh*t by Limitless Abundance. It is available to buy on Amazon for £9.99 and I am steadily working through it and enjoying it as I go. :blush:


I’ll accept the challenge! I’m so stoked for tonight, being an Aries I feel electric today.
I’m in need of some self improvement,:wink:.


Count me in :slight_smile: a perfect time to commit to broadening my spiritual awareness and intuition <3


Challenge accepted! :smirk_cat: :fire:
I love these astrology reports of yours @Abs53, they’re always so informative and keep us tuned to what’s going on with the universe right now! :crescent_moon: The first new moon of a new astrological year… no wonder all kinds of new beginnings are happening, people here are finding and embracing their craft names, we’re getting adjusted to our coven having a name too, all kinds of exciting stuff happening in our personal lives… :sparkles:

This is also a wonderful opportunity I want to take to get to know the astrological signs and their relation to the lunar cycles! :night_with_stars: Making a chart for my Book of Shadows and an entry for each one… it’s a huge project I know but one I don’t have to take on alone. There are few things we really do now that I think about it. This Moon I have the fiery spirit of the Ram to lend me their passion, and each following Moon I’m going to have another wonderful being I can’t wait to get to know! And I have this friendly and diverse coven bursting with all kinds of uplifting energy, personality and skill I feel I only have barely scratched the surface of! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ohhhh this is awesome, @Abs53! :heart_eyes:

I love wish manifesting! I’ve been trying a technique I learned before called WOOP (wish, outcome, obstacle, plan) but it’s more of a mental visualization practice. I love how Scripting solidifies a wish through writing- it seems like a very powerful manifestation tool! :star_struck: Can’t wait to give this one a try.

Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! Hope you had a very blessed New Moon :new_moon_with_face: :sparkles:


Thanks @TheTravelWitch! I use Woop too! I’ve always wanted to Script as I like that you can go back and re read. Theres something quite liberating about having there in back and white.

@CelestiaMoon thank you for your kind words! It sounds like you have fabulous plans for your BOS :blush:

@Liisa great to have you on board! :grinning:

@Rowan me too! I’m calling this my transformation year :grin: I’m determined to manifest a me I can be super proud of this year :heart:


Yes girl! We’ll manifest that sh*t with ya! I love the idea of everyone coming together!


Thank you for sharing this with us @Abs53!

The essence of scripting (journaling or just writing) is in my opinion the most powerful technique ir or tool for manifesting in general, similar to the Law of Attraction.

Whenever anyone says “journaling/scripting is not real magick”, I know they haven’t even tried it, or they’re not doing it right. This is what the bible talks about when it says “the Word became flesh”. (John 1:14)

It’s a wonderful way to plant a spiritual seed and it’s the first step towards becoming a powerful Magician/Witch/Manifester. I feel that I “scripted” my way out in life (getting married, coming to the US, starting a business, growing a community) that always started with writing.

Please do share your progress with us! Blessed Be! :pray:


Oh that’s so cool @Francisco! Thank you for sharing! :blush: It’s helping already, I feel very inspired at the moment! :heart:

I can be quite a scattered person, I can bounce from one project to the next, not because I’m flaky (I actually hate leaving things unfinished) but because I get so excited to do something new, so I’m hoping as I can go back and read it every now and then it will help me stay on track and focused!

I find the way of writing particularly powerful as well, writing in the present. It feels almost like I’ve already achieved all the things I want so I feel much more positive.

@christina4 this is going to be a good year for us all, I can feel it! :tada:


Great observation! For me, that works really well too because by feeling it in the present moment, I am letting go of doubt, fear and other innecessary baggage that sometimes gets attached to the intention in the process.

Wishing you good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I know I today I am going to have a really good day! I am going to do great on my test! I can remember everything from kindergarten up! I feel so smart! I am intelligent! I am capable!


Good vibes and blessed energy to you, @Jeannie1! :heart: Good luck on your test! :raised_hands:


@Abs53 I ordered the Manifest that #$@! Book!


I’m in! Sounds fascinating


Ok so I should get this book you recommend?


The Canadian amazon journal says it’s a vision board manifestation journal~i wonder if they’re the same?*t&qid=1618668142&sr=8-9


Some of these questions within the book are difficult to answer, they really make you think…Which I’m sure is the point…lol. But seriously I’m almost uncertain if I’m answering them correctly…lol.