New Moon in Virgo

I really loved that meditation tonight for the new Moon in Virgo. It was the first time I’d ever understood how astrology can impact us. I especially liked that description of how a bee has single focus on one task at a time. It inspired me to find a old piece of jewelry that is a beautiful silver bee, and place it on my altar for this lunar cycle. It will remind me to keep my focus!


Oh, that’s awesome & such a great idea! I hope it goes well for you with the bee :bee: charm. They are very focused on the task at hand in their day to day.

Was the meditation from the Spells8 site? I’m a big fan of guided meditations! I use Insight Timer & they have moon phase meditations also on the app, among guided meditations for ALL the topics :laughing: I have a few saved to the computer that I have gotten from classes & different sites that go over astrology or transits.


I agree! I have been enjoying the zodiac meditations, as well. That is a great idea! I am going to go find a bee to add to my lunar altar. :honeybee: :virgo:


Yes, it was from Spells8, for the Lunar Spell section. These meditations have been great. I really like how they motivate me!


I enjoyed it as well! I’m a Virgo and I found myself at the right place at the right time with this meditation and the new moon being in Virgo! This was perfect!


I love the guided meditations on Spells8. I go through those before YouTube or Insight Timer, depending on what I’m working on