New oracle cards

Hi everyone just wanted to share some oracle cards I just brought. I have only tried the moonology cards so far, but they are great! If anyone has used these cards in their practice let me know how you find them… I read somewhere before the macabre tarot are brilliant… Let me know what you guys think :blush::heart:


Oh wow that’s quite the collection & they all look lovely. I know that we do have some members that have or have worked with the Moonology deck. As for the others, they are new to me, but look lovely!


I just got the Moonology deck not too long ago. I love them, I just don’t like searching through the book for the right moon phase. I love the box on those Macabre Tarot! Those look fun. And the energy oracles look nice too!


I’ve got the Moonology cards but I don’t use them much. I find myself using my Robin Wood Tarot deck much more often. But they’re lovely cards. I like the looks of the Spellcasting Oracle too! That looks awesome!


Ahhhh look at those gorgeous decks!!! :heart_eyes: I am having major deck envy- you’ve found some really lovely ones, @TheMuslimWitch :two_hearts: :flower_playing_cards: May they all turn out to be wonderful decks for you- enjoy them! :sparkles:


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