New Pagan Witch

Greetings to all. I am happy to be here and work with and communicate with you all. I personally am here to do only good to myself and others. I mean no harm to anyone for any reason. I want to be Michelle the Good Witch lol. I have cast a few spells in my beginning stage. But I have a few questions about spells and wonder if any of you can help me? Obviously, I can be reached here but I can also give out my cell number if that helps to talk more.


Michelle Mahler


Hello Michelle and a very happy welcome to Infinite Roots Coven. We are all one big happy family and if there is anything you are not sure about, don’t hesitate to ask anyone, or use the forum and ask your question. Take a look through the Lessons and maybe there is an answer for you there also. I’m Debra by the way and still learning myself, have not been here quite a year yet. I do try to do a lot of research as much as I can and still need to finish my Lessons too. So nice to meet you, Michelle. :dizzy:

Blessed Be :dizzy:



Thank you for the warm greeting and good advice, I really appreciate that, I hope all is well with you and yours. After I finish writing down this Freeze Negativity in it’s Tracks spell I will go do some lessons and look for a positivity spell and a get rid of cruel and vile content from my home spell. I have too much of that going on here from my fiance and I cannot any longer tolerate it. If by chance you know of any Pagon spells to help me in this matter I would greatly appreciate it.

It is so nice to meet you and thanks for reaching out to this semi-newbie lol.

Blessed be and may the force be with you lol.


Welcome Michelle! I’m Christine from Tennessee.



Thank you for the warm welcome. I am from Ohio. Very nice to meet you


Hi @MichelleTheGoodWitch! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

What kind of questions do you have? You can find a list of Spells here on-site, and you can also find Courses here that may answer your questions for you.

But failing that, if you have any questions you can ask here and someone will pop up and help you out.

I hope that helps you out! I look forward to getting to know you. :slight_smile:


@MichelleTheGoodWitch Merry Meet! I am Siofra from Cape Cod, & if you want your name changed to Michelle_The_Good_Witch, we can do that for you! Just let me know I will have it changed for you. I can probably do it as all 1 word without the space so it would look like this: MichelleTheGoodWitch. Let me know which way you like better or if you want to leave your name the way it is. That’s fine too!

Everyone has given you some great information, i joined the site in July of 2020 & I have learned so much & made some lifelong friends here.

Currently we have the :performing_arts: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Your Magickal Muse happening right now if you would like to join in, it’s your own interpretation of how to approach the subject. They are great for learning & sharing ideas.

Everyone here is very friendly & helpful & supportive of your unique journey, so feel free to ask any questions or start a new topic. I hope to speak with you soon!


Welcome @MichelleTheGoodWitch, from another double L :laughing: (I’m a Michelle too)
I’m new and look forward to learning from you and the others. I’m glad you are here! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well welcome Michelle.
I hope your weather isn’t too bad. I live in Florida and we’re freezing down here at 40-60. Although my brother lives in Buffalo, that’s serious snow and serious c-c-cold. [Sorry, that’s teasing from south to north, ha ha]
As I said before, I’m Garnet from Florida. You are welcomed with open arms. This is a gentle and generous site full of kind and loving people.
They don’t snipe or argue, we come together in love and learning.
Any questions? Use the Q&A section, check out lessons and don’t be afraid
to join the Forum, where we discuss anything magick. We also have a general discussion section where you can discuss horseshoes to peanut butter pie recipes.
Be safe, be blessed and know you are loved.



Welcome aboard!

Lots of great witches and people here, but do be careful about sharing things like your phone number.

Share your thoughts, questions, and concerns about everything witchy. Those that can help will offer their opinions.

Create a topic about your spell and the questions you have. I hope to be of some help. I’m a new witches too, but we’ll read.

Good luck and blessed be.


Welcome! You can learn so much here. I recommend the lessons as you will learn so much! There is no judgment anytime you have a question either. This is a great coven. Welcome and so nice to meet you!


Thanks Franklin, I was concerned but didn’t know how to word it.


Warm greetings, @MichelleTheGoodWitch :blush:

As you can likely already tell, we are a friendly bunch of magick-loving people here- it is a pleasure to meet you! As others have said, you are very welcome to ask any questions you have- both the Q&A Category and Site Feeback Category are there for you! :blush:

I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with negativity in your home, Michelle. I have an easy ritual here you might consider:

Burn Away the Past: Fire Spell for a Letting Go and a Fresh Start

I know you said you’re hoping to find positivity and get rid of bad energy- have you considered a cleansing spell or ritual? From spiritual baths to salt, incense, smoke, moon light, and more- there are many ways to cleanse both your external space (the home) as well as your inner space (your mind and emotional realms) as well.

You are very kind, Michelle- I’ll just echo what Franklin and Garnet mentioned about being careful about sharing your personal information on the web. There’s a really great group here, but a little internet awareness goes a long way- safety is important! :heart:

If you do feel comfortable enough with someone that you’d like to exchange contact info, I’d recommend doing it in a Private Message (click the envelop :email: icon in the drop-down menu under your avatar to access your private messaging system) as opposed to in the public part of the forum :+1:

It is a pleasure to meet you, Michelle and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:



Thank you for the warm welcoming and all the advice I appreciate that very much. I will start off with trying to learn more with the courses.




Thank you for the warm welcome and everything else that you wrote for me I appreciate it very much. I would love to have my name changed to Michelle_The_Good_Witch pretty please and thank you very much.

One question I do have and I may learn it in the courses but would really prefer some help on this now with the spells that you have how do I find Pagon-specific spells?




Hi, Michelle thank you for the warm greetings. It’s nice to be here and I look forward to communicating with everyone I can




Thank you for the warm welcoming and all the information that you provided. I really appreciate it. I already feel what you are talking about with how everyone here is so caring and loving. It has made me feel more comfortable with joining this group. I need to start doing the courses. I look forward to hearing from you in the future.




Thank you for your warm greeting and your advice, I really appreciate it. Look forward to working with you.




Thank you for the warm welcome. I will be doing lessons after I finish responding to all my welcome messages. I can see that this is a great coven by all the greetings and information that has been given to me. It is so nice to meet you too.




Thank you for your warm greetings. It is a pleasure meeting you as well. I appreciate your care in concerns with dealing with negativity. I see this Burn Away The Past ritual that you sent me and thank you for that. I do have a question about that. If the negativity is coming from my fiance will this work for that or should I just burn sage to clear the negativity?