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Hi Michelle! I went ahead and took care of the name change for you. Unfortunately I had to remove the underscores (_) but the rest of the name is unchanged. Welcome to the forum!

I’m not sure there are pagan-specific spells, though you could certainly adapt a spell to include a deity of your choice if that’s what you want to do :blush: As for burning sage, we have had many discussions on using sage if you’re not Indigenous to North America, though that is a decision you’ll have to make for yourself. If your fiancé is being a negative influence in your life, I don’t think burning sage or other cleansing herbs is going to be too effective. It’s better to get to the source of the issue. In this case, find out what is causing the negativity from your fiancé rather than trying to cleanse it away when it shows up.


You’re welcome! Looking through the protection spells is fun too and might help you out. :hugs:


Thank you @MeganB for helping & I was trying to find or think of pagan-specific spells. I couldn’t find or think of anywhere where those might be a thing either. But I know you can tweak any spell for your purposes.

I agree with MeganB & that dealing with the source is the best way to go first because otherwise, you will be cleansing on a daily basis possibly maybe more than once.


The Burn Away the Past Spell, in my opinion, tends to work better for burning through and removing situations- while you could in theory use it to “burn” away a person in your life, that may be a more drastic approach (see the ethics notes on the spell page itself for more about that).

While BATP could help refresh your living situation at home, if you want to deal directly with your fiance then I’m in agreement with what Siofra and Megan shared. I would also suggest you take the time to do some deep diving to hone in on how your fiance is negatively affecting you. You may discover that the issue could be solved with something as simple as a heart-to-heart talk. Or, you could try to neutralize malicious actions with a non-banishing spell such as this Sour Seal Freezer Spell :ice_cube:

If you’ve already tried to talk things out and are at the point where you want to begin walking your own way, there are spells for that too. My personal favorite is a Cord-Cutting Ritual, but you might want to look into Banishing Spells as well.

As you are the closest to your situation, only you will know the best course of action to handle this issue, Michelle- but whatever you choose, I am wishing you all the best! I hope you can find your peace and your harmony :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Hey Sweet,
Your question about Pagan spells is a really good one. Look under Q&A section, you may find many answers there.
Spells - The wonderful thing about spells is that you can take any spell to make it yours. I call it fine tuning. I have done this. I always point out that the spell was/is based on another’s spell. I acknowledge original author (if available) with thanks.
By pagan, what do you mean, types of Magic, Type of Pagan God/Goddesses you channel your Magick through?
The search on this site? Ask about Paganism, look on the web also.


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