New rainbow bracelet x3

So i decided to replace the little rainbow bracelets id made for previous challenge with something more sturdy.
I did the initial finger knitting ( knot magic) using the rainbow wool and as i got a section done i started to finger knit using the already finger knitted section. Wanting to use the x3 in my either amulet or charm, can never remember which is which lol or maybe it is both lol. Id initially wanted to finger knit 3 times or 3 layers and just have one bracelet but it was getting to thick to do after 2 layers so decided to keep going till it wrapped around wrist 3 times. Its also stretch so i can get on n off and the part tied off doesnt have the loose wool hanging down that was always getting wet or would tickle my face making me think a spider was on my face at night. Lol thats scared me a few times. Also after loosing one of previous bracelets i realised i needed something more sturdy so that i wasnt loosing a bracelet cause was small. This one wraps around 3 times n is 3 times protection n strong for what i need n seeing it on wrist has reminded me of what i needed and as such serves its purpose

I also finger knitted a book mark for my wirk notebook for protection and reminder when im planning for work. Im excited as i love usibg colours in magic n for work or crafts and the rainbow wool has been so versitile. I might even use a similar technique to make a new watch band for my watch. Though can use different colour but i can use knot magic for that too.

Ive really got into this lately so im curious to see what else can make​:laughing: n using colours with knot magic is something new to explore which is exciting. Id like to make crysral n bead jewelry using a knot method ive seen as well. I guess today ive been a little bit in a crafty witch abd nagic mood :joy:


That’s a very beautiful bracelet I love the colors :sparkles::sparkling_heart:


The bracelets and bookmark look amazing- you’re very crafty, @Phoenix_Fire, you’ve got talent! :thread: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That’s a really fun idea- if you decide to give it a try, I’m wishing you good luck! Let us know how it goes :yarn: :sparkles:

Happy crafting, Phoenix- may you keep on having fun with it!


They look great, @Phoenix_Fire :clap: You’re on a roll with your craftiness - I can’t wait to see what you do next!