New To The Group

Hi everyone My name is Shannon I’m new to group I love how friendly an helpful everyone is to each other I don’t get that I’m the only one in my family with the gift among other gifts I have can’t wait to get to know y’all better an b around people like me that understand an love what we do :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Good morning @shannon11 & welcome to Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots: I’m Siofra from Cape Cod, MA & everyone here is super helpful & supportive. Have a look around the forum, a good place to start for what is happening this week is the Merry Meet Monday - Forum News! May 31 :orange_heart: a new one will posted on this coming Monday. Check out the Courses Section for some great information & there’s a self initiation course in there too. The topics are great & you will learn a great deal from them.

I hope you have a great weekend & I look forward to speaking with you soon!


Hello and welcome to the family :blush::two_hearts::sparkles:
I’m Christina and I’m from New York. Where are you from? This is a great place for amazing information and generous, beautiful souls!
Blessed be :pray:


Hi @shannon11! Welcome to the coven! :infinite_roots: I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia! It’s fun making new friends, isn’t it? LOL.

Keep an eye out for the Merry Meet post like @Siofra pointed out. It’s a great way to get to know your fellow coven members and see what everyone is up to for the week and what activities there are.

If you have any questions just give a holler and someone will help you out. This group is great for that. Nice to meet you!


Merry meet @shannon11 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome to the coven, nice that could join us. I am Nick and very nice to meet you. You will love it here.


Merry meet @shannon11 :heart:

Welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven! :infinite_roots: I hope you’ll find the coven to be your new magickal family :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please make yourself at home here- you are warmly invited to join the Forum Activities, and feel free to reach out with a new post if you have any questions or witchy wisdom to share :books: :blush:

It’s a pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkles: