New to Witchcraft

Hello! I am new to witchcraft i found out about wicca about 7 months ago and am still learning about it. I consider myself a green witch and i love to read tarot!

I am not to sure what i can share since i am so new! i can share my friendship for now until i feel confidant to actually share a skill. :sunny:


Welcome, Jenna! :wave:

It’s always great to see someone who loves Tarot! Right now I’m looking to get a new deck, so here are some ideas about what you can share, for example:

What Tarot deck do you use most often? Are there any books, websites or podcasts that you recommend for those interested in learning?

Is there any suit, deck, or card that particularly talks to you? Which one and why?

If you feel like creating a post to review any books, decks, apps or anything else, visit the Forum section Witchy Wisdom and click on “+ New Topic” to start a conversation!



Welcome, Jenna! I’m glad you’ve found your way here. Don’t worry about being new to the pagan scene, everyone has to start somewhere. And, even though you are new, I am a firm believer that everyone has something to teach someone else. It may not be Wicca related, but I’m sure spiritually, there’s something we could all learn from you.

I read tarot also! I have three decks currently and try to pull atleast one card a day - but we know that doesn’t always happen. Do you have a favorite deck?

And, if you don’t mind me asking, what brought you to Wicca? I’m always curious as to how other people find Wicca and witchcraft.


Hi Jenna,
I am new as well but welcome! I am more a palm reader, well reader over all.


Hello! Im a bit of a newbie too! About 10 months for me. I practice divination using tarot, oracle, pendulum, crystals, meditation. If you ever need tips or have questions on crystals feel free to ask me :slight_smile: and if you are into reading books as well I have quite a bit I can suggest too.


Merry Meet Jenna! Truth be known, no matter how long in the craft we are all still newbies, so much to learn. This is the place for you! Read read read and ask questions, that is what we are all here for. to learn from one another. Blessed Be and Welcome!