New Witch from California!

Hi! My name is Nina and I am stoked to meet all of you! I am from California, I am very new to all of this. There was a friend of mine who practiced a little bit and I thought it was all mumbo jumbo until I actually looked into spirituality and started listening to the signs and I would have just continued to be oblivious. I am very excited to start down this path and talk to more of you!


Welcome to the group, I am from Southern California, left LA back in 95.


A very warm welcome to you, @nina! :heart:

I’m glad you followed the signs and that your magickal journey is getting started- it’s very exciting to meet you! :grin: :two_hearts: I think it’s wonderful that you have already found your way here, and I hope that the forums can help you to spread your wings and learn more about your spirituality! :sparkles:

I highly recommend browsing through the videos on the Spells8 YouTube channel- there are many videos about a wide variety of different topics :books:. Is there some aspect of the practice that you are interested in- maybe plant magick :herb: , crystals :gem: , astrology :star2: , fortune telling :crystal_ball: , or something else? :blush:

Feel free to search the forums for any specific topics you’re looking for, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any tips, experiences, thoughts, or questions! There are many people here happy to listen and learn :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We are very blessed to have you here- I can’t wait to talk with you more! :two_hearts:

Blessed Be! :heart:

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