New Witch or am I

Hi all

My name is Zoe, i’m 42 from England in the UK.

I’m new to witchcraft but been interested for a long time

I feel like now is the the to start but where to start I really don’t know


Hi @zoe2! I’m Kasie, from West Virginia in the States. Nice to meet you. As to where to start, a good place is the different Courses listed here on site, particularly the Wiccan Self-Initiation course. It’s a good place to start and can give you some basics.

We have a group ritual on Thursdays to join up for tea. It’s real simple, @TheTravelWitch organizes it for us. You can find information on it here.

We’re doing a Weekly Witchy Challenge here, on candle magic and it has some good information on it too. It might help you get started doing some simple candle magic.

Here is a list of beginner books for you to keep an eye out for. The Book Club has people going through Starhawk’s The Spiral Dance here. to see if you’d like to look at the book.

If you have any questions at all, just pop up and ask. There are plenty of people willing to help you out , even if it’s just to commiserate that they don’t get it either. But someone here normally knows the answer, we have a pretty good bunch on the forum.

Hope this helps you get started! :hugs:


Hello Sir, welcome to the community! Pleasure to meet you!


Welcome Zoe! Merry Meet! :wave:

Follow the wonderful advice that Kasie gave you! Are there any specific aspects of being a Witch that capture your attention?

Some key pointers to what this is all about:

  • Spending time in Nature :sunflower:
  • Read Books about witchcraft and books in general.
  • If you cook, infusing your intentions into your food! (Food magick)
  • If you have a Tarot or oracle deck, draw a card for the day or do a spread everyday
  • Pick a crystal for the day based on the energy you want to evoke today.
  • Stir your intentions into your tea or coffee, essentially making a potion

Ask away if you have any questions and feel free to comment on any topic in here!


Merry meet, @Zoe2! :heart_decoration:

Welcome to the forums- we’re glad to have you here! Kasie shared great links to help you get started. May I ask if there are any particular topics that are calling out to you (maybe crystals, kitchen witchery, astrology, divination, etc?) I’d be happy to point you in the right direction on where to learn and dicuss- we all love to learn new things here! :books::blush:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to talking with you more soon- blessed be! :sparkles:


Hiya @zoe2! I’m in England too - London! Welcome to the forum :heart: Great idea to join now - Lockdown 2 will zoom by when you’re having fun witching :kissing_heart:


Hi @Amethyst Thank you for replying.

Thank you so much for the information your so kind. I’m sure i will have many questions as I’m finding my path. I am a bit shy and not very confident, It takes a lot for me to talk on here but I’m sue I will get better as time goes on.

Thank you so much and it will help me


Hi @walter

Its lovely to meet you

(its Ms not Sir ha ha)


Nice to meet you @Francisco

I love nature and spend loads of time in my garden, I don’t go out much because of my mental health illness but I am working on it to spend more time outside.

I have a tarot deck and different sets of oracle (i tend to buy to much)

Can’t really work crystals out, a lot of them look the same.


Hi @TheTravelWitch

I’m interested in most Nothing is calling to me apart from spell work. (If that counts).

lovely to meet you too and I’m looking forward to talking more too


Hi @Limeberry I’m in Newcastle in the north east Lovely to meet you