Newbie Alert from Chicagoland☺️☺️☺️

Hi I’m Ashley!!

I am a 24 year old baby witch and I am happy to get in touch with this part of myself. I do feel like this is my calling since I was about maybe 20. I’m from Chicagoland area and can’t wait to meet you all or chat!:heart::heart:


Hi Ashley! Welcome to the Forum! :wave:

Thanks for that lovely introduction! It’s great to have you here!

Do you have any particular areas of the Craft that you’re drawn to?

Feel free to browse the forum and comment on any topic that interests you. If you have any questions, you can ask anything or share a topic you’re interested in!

Also, I recommend you visit the Online Courses page :crystal_ball: and watch the videos there to start learning!

Visit the Spell Collections page to find a lot of useful recipes. And follow the guided meditations on the Witches Homework Page in your free time!

Blessed be! :sparkles:


A very warm welcome to you, @ashley7! It is a pleasure to have you here :sparkling_heart:

Feel free to share any advice, thoughts, or experiences you have during your practice in the forums. There are many others here who have a lot to share and a lot to gain learning from each other! :blush: :two_hearts:


Hi there! I am very drawn to Tarot Cards!:heart: I also am huge on mediation and spell work. Blessed be​:sun_behind_small_cloud:


Of course! I am already roaming about to see what has been discussed :slight_smile: Can’t wait to chat more and get to know everyone! Blessed be​:crescent_moon:


Merry Meet @ashley7 so glad to have you here! you are going to love this little part of the world and all the wonderful people who are here! So much to do and learn on this site! Hope you join in the forums quite often,as we do love chats! Blessed Be