Hi there, my name is Jessica. Im from the east coast of Canada, currently residing in Alberta. I was dreaming of being a witch when I was younger. I must have outgrown that at some point, and havent given it much thought until a few months ago. I was watching a show on netflix, dark obsessions, i think was the name, 1 of the episodes was about a young woman who was wiccan, throughout the show she spoke of different aspects, and beliefs of the craft. Ive been fascinated ever since. Im just getting started and excited for this new journey, I have no idea what Im doing, lol, very interested to learn!! Thanks so much for letting me join!!


Hi, Jessica! It’s great to have you here!! :wave:

I think we all wanted to have Magical powers when we were younger, I loved Harry Potter! And in a way, we never really grow out of it, we just learn to approach it in a different (more mature) way!

If you want to learn more about Wicca and Paganism, I recommend you to take this course: Wicca Self-Initiation :crystal_ball: !

Explore the forum and the list of lessons, and come back here whenever you have any questions or ideas you want to share!!

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


I sure will take it, thank you


A very warm welcome to you, @jessica24! :heart:

We all begin our practice at different times and in different ways- but we are all here together now! :blush: I hope you will find the forums to be a welcoming and encouraging place to learn and explore more about magick :sparkles:.

It sounds like the show was great introduction for you! Were there any specific aspects that drew your attention? Maybe herbs :herb:, crystals :gem:, divination :crystal_ball:, or spell work :sparkles:? Feel free to browse the Main Page of the Forums or use the search function (at the top right of the page!) to browse topics for something specific! I also highly recommend the Spells8 YouTube Channel that has a lovely collection of fun videos on an assortment of topics!

We are very blessed to have you join us! Feel free to reach out with any questions, experiences, or thoughts you may have as you learn more about your own unique practice :two_hearts:

Blessed Be!